Deborah Gregory

Deborah is a psychotherapist who has been writing poetry since her mid-teens. A nature lover at heart, she enjoys rambling all over the beautiful UK countryside. ‘A Liberated Sheep in a Post Shepherd World’ (2015) andThe Shepherd’s Daughter’ (2020) are her first and second poetry collections. Last year she disappeared down a Jungian rabbit hole, before emerging with her third book, ‘Soror Mystica: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine’ (2023) in hand. All three books are available from Blurb’s bookstore. 

At present she’s writing a new collection of poems and Jungian themed essays for her next book, ‘Croneology’ which is due to be published late autumn 2025. This book will include sixty new poems, including her recent Celtic inspired, ‘Poetry of the Wheel’ series. Lastly, Deborah often posts poems and essays on her blog for a week or so before they’re taken down for future publication, or occasionally left abridged a while longer, allowing friends, poets, dreamers and like-minded readers to follow her poetic and Jungian adventures.