Sacred Mirrors of the Soul

Dear Poets and Dreamers,

This prose poem was inspired by a series of dreams, where I found myself again and again in a bright room studying people, clothes, mirrors and books, until I became aware of an immense intelligence who wasn’t just IN the room but WAS the room. Dreams that polished my heart until it shone like a mirror! …

“In dark glasses, I enter the bright room …”

Blessings always,


© Deborah Gregory 2023
Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев (full image above)

12 thoughts on “Sacred Mirrors of the Soul

  1. Oh my! What can be said about this??? It’s truly amazing! Beyond words. And a dream?!?! Whoa. It reminds me so much of your last post and this play of the parts of you, reflections that draw you in, but who you are as the space containing the images. Powerful for sure.
    Love and blessings, Pamela
    ps A coincidence… I wrote yesterday about the Lady of Shalott looking in her mirror to weave her tapestry. She eventually gets tired of “shadows” she says, and turns to look directly (you probably know this) and the mirror cracks from side to side. IMHO she dares to look a repeating theme in stories of the feminine.

    1. Whoa! Thank you so much Pamela for your amazing review here! Yes, this is definitely a follow on poem with all the archetypes continuing to make their presence felt, within and without! You remind me of a poem I wrote last year titled … “Behind the Scenes of Dreams” (Soror Mystica, p.92) which you may also enjoy and laugh along with as archetypal work always draws my Jester into the spotlight!

      Hey, another friend of mine was writing about ‘mirrors’ this week too! I love it when I find my Self in sync with others. As I wrote this on Sunday morning I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the image I include above … one from an artist who knows all about the ‘hall of mirrors’ and ‘archetypes’ found within, I sense. Very much looking forward to reading more about the Lady of Shalott. Love and light and deep gratitude, Deborah.

      1. Ok, that’s incredible! I love the poem. It is exactly in line with these. I’m amazed at the depth of and archetypal nature of your dreams and the cast of characters are beautiful. Except, of course, for that nasty shadow, best keep her in the closet for sure.

        Yes, I think you’ll like The Lady of Shalott and Loreena McKinnet has a wonderful song about it. I’ll send it on FB.

        1. Just to reassure you … I have very unpleasant nightmares too which fascinate me (afterwards!) perhaps more so when they get really dark … because I get to witness the Shadow, unleashed and unedited. Sometimes I wake up screaming!

          Many thanks! I’ve just listened to Loreena sing (what a voice!), wow, that was epic! I loved the long version best and now that my interest is piqued I’ve come across a wonderful analysis of Tennyson’s poem which I’ll read through tomorrow.

  2. This dream is stunningly full of happenings! It is a treasure you could bring into your consciousness. I think many things are happening around you nowadays. Your Animus is calling you not to forget that you have a decision to make!? Anyway, thank you for sharing this fabulous dream; for me, it looks like a trip into the darkest curves of the soul.

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this one Aladin, thank you so much for your lovely review! Yes, I do feel that my Animus has a decision to make regarding whether to dive in deeper and create a new body of work. Oh, I find your turn of phrase ‘the darkest curves of the soul’ bewitching, so thanks for sharing that description! Love and (mirror) light, Deborah.

  3. Oh, my goodness, Deborah! This is a beautiful and amazing dream. I found myself wondering if you painted the image. It’s a perfect expression of the dreams you’ve had lately. Since the Self is a combination of all the archetypes, if it were my dream I’d see it as a sacred message from the Self, reminding you of its presence within you, affirming your wish for self-acceptance and wholeness. It certainly seems to be giving you a whole lot of material for your work and writing. With loving blessings on your continuing journey. Jeanie

    1. Thank you so much Jeanie for the gift of your beautiful, encouraging reply! You know it was from our conversation last week that I felt nudged to write this yesterday and I’m so pleased I did because it’s given me time to muse on creating a new series, ‘Poetry of the Archetypes’.

      I hear what you’re saying about the archetype of the Self and feel comforted and inspired by your insightful words. For me its presence seemed greater than anything I could even conceive off, so when people say they feel like they’re a speck of dust in its presence, I get it now … I really do.

      Oh, the image was pure synchronicity! Also, I think my thinking is changing or the way I think about it because more and more I realise that I think in pictures, less in thoughts. I think I’ve always done this but never realised I did. I hope that makes a little sense?! Love and light, Deborah.

  4. Wow! I feel like I’ve just attended a Shakespearean play. Yes, the archetypes are there and each one could be a separate portrait. I want to know what Mother is wearing and the Orphan and the Magician. I see the Poet most clearly. You give me a place to begin, and I’d love to have more hints about the details of these archetypes in you so I can better conjure them in me. I can imagine this as the beginning of a new project. I want to know more? Do you? Your poem gives me the possibility of going beyond naming and looking deeper and bringing the Archetypal to bright Consciousness. The dark glasses are fascinating. I want to know more.
    Sending love to the Magician Wise Woman Poet across the turbulent sea

    1. A Shakespearean play?! Wow! Thank you so much Elaine for your inspiration and cheer! Yes, I’m musing on the idea of creating a new project by taking each archetype and exploring them in depth, much like my Poetry of the Year, Tarot and Wheel series’. Yes, I too want to do more than name a month, archetype or festival! I was surprised with the Orphan though, who instead of eliciting a loving response, I found myself seeing through her scheming, ‘poor me’ act and how she was creating ‘drama’ and not healing. It’s a fascinating dive, my interest is piqued for sure!

      Here are a few more hints; the Mother was wearing a long, off white dress, the Orphan was wearing a tiny (ill-fitted) pale blue dress, she had short red hair. The Magician was androgynous and dressed in what I describe as wallpaper. It was dark blue with gold flecks and looked like paper not material, actually now I think of it … they looked like a walking book with gilt edges! Hmm, naturally I have to finish my Poetry of the Wheel series before, like the Tarot’s Fool, I follow this snaking path home. Sending love and light, across the oceans and oaks between us, Deborah.

  5. How wonderfully unique! To take so many of the main archetypes and weave them into an amazing tale – what an experience it must have been to feel that immense presence of the Self entering the room to bring it all together. This is a perfect reminder of the numerous archetypes within that could help us access the different sides of the self that are perhaps hidden in our lives. I know I could do with awakening my Explorer archetype a little more often!

    Thank you, Deborah, as always, your poetry certainly encourages me to look at life and myself in different ways. Blessings, Sophia.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your wonderful comment! I’ve dreamt of entering this room four times now and for the last two weeks I’ve been hoping to return but alas, no such luck … yet! The presence of the Self is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before … yet it feels so familiar … none of which makes sense I know! I was ecstatic when I realised (in the dreams) what was going on but terrified at the same time, thinking … ah, there goes my sanity … again!

      Re the archetypes, yes you’re right, by awakening them, we can study those lesser known aspects (sides) of ourselves. Hmm, you know this may turn out to be a new project for me after my Poetry of the Wheel series concludes at Yule. Love and light, Deborah.

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