Poetry of the Tarot: The World

The World

“The poet finishes her Fool’s Journey
by penning liberated love to Sophia,
she who holds the shape of the Soul …”

© Deborah Gregory 2016 – Extract taken from new poem

Dear Poets and Dreamers,

Thank you all so much for your wonderful friendship and inspiration throughout my Tarot Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey these past six months. Please know that I’m deeply thankful for all the kindness, generosity and numinous insights you’ve so willingly shared with me along the way. It’s been an extraordinary time and a sacred journey I couldn’t have made without you. Here at journey’s end (the beginning!) I sense it’s time to return to the Natural World, take a break from poetry to dance in the beauty and splendour of Summer. I will miss you all, each and every one and miss writing too no doubt. Please accept my deepest gratitude for joining me on this incredible journey.

Blessings always, Deborah

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  1. Hello Deborah, this poem is excellent.. I started learning Tarot a few months ago. I had watched a series of videos and found it fascinating….soon after, I bought the classic deck Rider Waite (the same on the photo above).
    I agree with you. The fool journey ends when he finally grows up, so as to speak and feels capable to embrace the World.. But it is not an easy journey. In fact, I was thinking that it kind of reminds us of Campbell’s journey of the hero. Interestingly enough… And as you suggest in your poem… This is literally a neverending thing. As it works as karma, somehow…Mao even if we achieve the major degree, we’d eventually have to start over again.
    Thank you very much for sharing. I really like your blog. Best wishes ⭐️

    1. Thank you so much Aquileana for your wonderful comment and a huge welcome to this Jungian loving poet’s blog. Even though I have several Tarot decks I always return to the classic Rider Waite deck for all significant readings and worked entirely with this deck when undertaking my Fool’s Journey earlier this year.

      I absolutely love the work of Joseph Campbell and agree, both journeys embrace a similar narrative. Whether Fool or Hero these eternal journeys are, under no circumstances, ever easy, which I explore further in my Animus Diet series (All the Jung Dudes). Warm and wild blessings to you, Deborah.

  2. Dear Deborah – finally you have completed your journey…how proud you should feel of what you have done here, bringing the tarot and its interpretations to our attention in a very unique and beautiful way.

    The World reminds me of the celebration of the journey and anticipation of the new adventure when finally we give up all of our hang-ups and ties that bind us before taking that leap of faith that sets us off on our new path. How encouraging are your words in the first two verses to anyone who may be teetering on the brink of “running the wrong way”…simply said they remind us to remember love not fear and stay in that flow of love. 

    Perhaps your new adventure is to publish a book of this journey – it certainly deserves to be in print, it has been a moving one, full of lightbulb moments as you shed light on and describe cards in such a distinctive way – you have developed a style that is so uniquely yours in writing these poems. Thank you so much for sharing your journey it has been a pleasure being able to immerse myself in your words for the past six months.

    I wish you well for a restful and restorative break in nature this summer – and look forward to seeing you take your next creative steps at some time in the future. Warm wishes, Sophia

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for the generous gift of your company and inspiration during my wonderful Tarot journey. Yes, I feel happy and pleased to have completed this unique spiritual task which I felt called to undertake at New Year and to share my way with the poets and dreamers.

      Even after pausing at the Hanged Man I still had no idea my journey would be completed at midsummer, I couldn’t be happier … I feel like I’ve returned to the beginning and have leapt into the unknown once again yet in a wholly (or holy) different way! It’s all beyond language today … choose love not fear, leap and the net will appear!

      Yes, I will be publishing this book, “Poetry of the Tarot” later this year and I’m so excited about that! Can’t wait to see it in my hands! Family and friends have noted my style, so thank you for your kind feedback. Please know that I’m hugely grateful for all the rich insights and intuitions that you’ve so willingly left here on these pages.

      Throughout my journey your kind and generous spirit has kept me company these past six months and I thank you for that. May I ask, why did you choose the beautiful name Sophia? I’ve been curious for a while now … especially here at the end. Blessings always, Deborah

      1. Sophia – I’ve always been drawn to that name. When I looked it up and realised that it represented the divine feminine and the Great Mother I thought that is the name for me! My attachment goes back many years – when I was younger I had a beautiful dog and named her Sophie, a variation on the theme, and she was a very wise dog indeed!

        1. Thank you for letting me know, I did wonder and guessed right. Coincidently, my wonderful (many years passed) dog was named Sheba, another (Biblical) Queen in her own right! “Promise” I believe was the meaning of her old name.

  3. Oh, oh, oh, oh… I want to stand on that mountain at the moment of my death. I want to stand there right now with no regrets and clear vision, the red ribbon of eternity in my hands.

    I love the comment by Hungry Fox: “You lay your cards on the table for all to see.” And the same is true of your book. But back to Tarot. You’ve taken me on quite a journey, Deborah. I knew very little about Tarot. I still know little, but I know more and can build bridges to systems I know better such as astrology and mythology. Bridges made of your luminous images.

    I can’t stand that we’ve reached the end of this round and wonder where you’ll turn next. I know that we’re always cycling through this journey. It never ends. From the Magician to Sophia. Thank you for being my guide. I’m so glad to hear these will be published.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine for being such a faithful friend on my Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey. Your profound insights, faithful intuitions and mytho-poetic voice has been a constant source of joy and inspiration! Yes, let us all look to our hands and know the eternal red ribbon connects us to the anima mundi.

      Here in my middling years I’m learning that being open, receptive and transparent is the way of the sacred Divine Feminine, and I’m greatly inspired to live and write in Her vein. Perfection does not interest me, only wholeness … and I’m hoping that my second book (to be self-published later this year) “Poetry of the Tarot” reflects this too.

      I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the magickal Tarot … I urge all seekers to undertake this archetypal, inner journey. I have no idea where I’ll turn next only that my hand has more to write … a new writing adventure awaits for sure. In the meantime enjoy the light of midsummer nights. Blessings always, Deborah.

  4. This is the best series of tarot I’ve read. You lay your cards on the table for all to see. HF.

    1. Thank you so much HF for your wonderful gift of words and lovely review of my work. Please note my entire Tarot Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey is not included in my first book, “A Liberated Sheep in a Post Shepherd World” the one you’ve ordered but will be published separately as, “Poetry of the Tarot” later this year. Hope this is okay? Warm wishes, Deborah.

        1. Aww, thank you so much! Here’s to another successful day of “foraging” for your art (and heart!). Keep in touch.

  5. Dear Deborah, thank you for sharing your poet’s journey these last several months – each and every time a quiet and powerful voice in the wilderness, which has always brought balm to this person’s soul. I’ve enjoyed all the comments and your responses back – always a widening and a narrowing of the lens –

    Enjoy your bright summer in the beauty of Mother Nature! Here in the southern hemisphere it is cold. I’m thinking of the solstice and the longest night of the year next week – a time when the earth, always turning, stays still for just a moment –

    Thank you again for everything … and I look forward to ‘seeing’ you again soon. Sending love, Susan

    1. Thank you so much Susan for your faithful company and whole-hearted encouragement throughout my remarkable Tarot journey. It’s been truly awesome! A journey of angels and demons, upright and reversed. A quest to read, and experience the “two-eyed story” one inner, one outer … as above, so below. One of darkness, the other light, and so much more! Oh my goddess, I’m already running into the Great Mother’s loving arms!

      It’s amazing how the opposites abound, and always will! With both winter and summer solstices being celebrated in the world on the very same day … here again we learn to hold the tension between them. Let us not also forget the rich, reflective lessons and wisdom that the Tarot itself, so generously, and willingly offers us students of the Soul. Blessings always, Deborah.

  6. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you so much for your vision on the tarot card of The World. It is here that we find the philosopher’s stone, the elixir of life. This brings back fertility to the king.
    If ever we detect our red ribbon of eternity, may we follow it, no even pull on it to awaken the cosmos within.


    1. Thank you so much Susanne for sharing your rich insights on The World and for your friendship and inspiration on my Tarot Journey. It’s been an incredible journey that I couldn’t have taken without the love and light of the poets and dreamers. Yes, may we all follow Her bliss and Her eternal red ribbon through the labyrinth of our lives. Blessings always, Deborah.

  7. Deborah, where can I buy this book? Please tell me your tarot journey is going to be published. Your final verse is a-m-a-z-I-n-g!!! Everything I hoped for and more – tis a huge feather for your poet’s cap!! Your journey’s end and return to the world is perfectly timed for the summer solstice.

    1. Thank you so much Anna for everything, most especially for being such a wonderful companion throughout my Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey! Yes, the “Poetry of the Tarot” will be self-published later this year via Blurb again. I’ll post something on my blog when it’s ready.

      Here at Midsummer we’re having the most glorious weather and its set to continue for the next week. I’ve spent the afternoon beneath the shade of trees, surrounded by various birds, butterflies and bees. The garden is alive, vibrant and full of mixed colour. Blessings always, Deborah.

        1. In the words of T. S. Eliot, as we (all) return to the Fool, let us “arrive where we started / And know the place for the first time.” It’s been an incredible journey, thank you Anna!

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