Fully Fledged, Learning to Fly!

Dear Poets and Dreamers,

Good news, well I think its good news, here in the midst of the fledging season!

My blog is now fully-fledged, as in nearly three hundred poems, prose and essays have all flown the nest (well, cut back to the first three lines), however, what does remain are the warm, engaging, insightful conversations that took place during its seven year nesting season since August 2015. Going forward, I still intend to post occasional publishable content on my poetry blog, however, after a week or so, that too will fledge.

So why am I fledging older posts? Well, sadly my idea of adding the portal, ‘Poetessence’ exclusively for my loyal readers didn’t work as WordPress doesn’t like content being moved around, so I needed to hatch a new plan and Mother Nature this week provided me with a natural solution as I watched young birds learning how to fly in my garden. So snuggle down inside this empty yet soft feather-lined nest and perchance dream.

As I return to my new book, for which I’ve written many poems and several essays already, I sense what’s missing is a story, so I may try my hand at writing a novella over the summer. How long will it take? I don’t know but I’m excited about learning to fly! Taking those first steps before leaping, like the Tarot’s Fool, out into open sky. As you can see change is definitely in the air with hopefully, Soror Mystica, leading the way!

Blessings always, Deborah

PS. As this is just a short note and not poetry, I’ve switched the commenting option off for this post. Future posts will be shorter and more relaxed. Until then, enjoy the beauty and splendour of summer. ♥ ♥