Back Down My Jungian Rabbit Hole!

Dear Dreamers and Poets,

Just a short note to say that I’m heading back down my Jungian rabbit hole to hopefully transform my Animus Diet, Divine Hermaphrodite and this years, In the Name of Sophia essays, alongside my new poems into my forthcoming “Sophia” book. I’m hoping to publish next year (2023), however, being familiar with how the muses work, I know this may take longer, especially if a new poem or big dream comes-a-knocking!

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The Goddess and Her Green Man

Lord of the Greenwood

for Elaine and Vic

Sitting on a fallen tree,
two hearts of gold smile at me
and all the world becomes a song,
as love and bird sing all day long.
Hush listen to their hearts a-flutter,
as memory moves to early summer
where May recalls her happy hour,
a dance amid pale yellow flowers!
And as I spy behind the oak
a pen falls from my poet’s cloak,
for never have I seen such love
that sits beside the tall foxglove!
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