The Animus Diet – Part Three

The Animus Diet - Part Three

I never knew when I would write the next part of my Animus Diet, I only knew I would. So for all you “Jung Dudes” out there who’ve been following my animus journey here’s my latest instalment. I hope you enjoy! As you know I first started my Jungian “inner man” diet back in January 2016 and here in September 2017, as we approach the autumn equinox, after my six month archetypal tarot journey, it feels just right to gather up my pen once more and co-create with my animus. In this article I’m going to explore more key learning experiences since my initial adventures began 18 months ago, where in Part Two last March I met my mother for the first time in 18 years. The number 18, I realise, is an important number for me and one that reappears towards the end of this article in a truly inspiring “animus” dream.

After my last article and visit to my mother, I reflected long on the English poet, Patience Strong. A most important name in my life I feel, as Patience was the first poet my mother introduced me to as a child, by way of gifting me her small poetry books on birthdays and at Christmas. You see, despite much unhappiness during my childhood, words and poems became wonderful friends and a common language shared between me and my mother. I remember how, in quiet moments, she would read Patience’s short poems filled with deep wisdom and beautiful nature descriptions. For this introduction of poetry into my life, I am forever grateful to my mother. Only later in life did I realise that “Patience” and “Strength” were to become two big clues to many inner and outer journeys I would take. Virtues I would need to be develop in equal measure.

Okay back to my animus diet, where for the past year and a half Olive (as in Olive Oyl who I call my skinny feminine side) has been fine dining on my renewed creativity, especially during my oestrogen-rich Tarot journey in the first six months of this year. Deeply fertile, she happily allowed her waistline to expand several inches. By late May, I felt positively pregnant swinging with a divine feminine glow under Odin’s Tree (Hanged Man) where I renewed my wedding vows with an ancient handfasting ceremony. Days of sunshine and glorious walks followed, bliss was aplenty! And as for Brutus (my previously overweight animus), well he certainly cut a dashing figure in his Levis and beautiful white linen shirt. Hand in hand we roamed together all over the ancient Wilshire landscape and around many a divine Stone Circle, such a beautiful couple … the green man and the goddess!

So imagine my surprise one month later when I fell down a rabbit hole and broke my ankle. Having never broken a bone before in my life I was in complete shock! A whole host of lost car dreams followed. After many nights of walking around (in my dreams) I became aware that walking, in contrast to driving, was the true pace of the human soul so instead I began to search for what my soul truly wanted, and it certainly wasn’t my car. I sat still on many a (dreamy) grass bank and silently waited. The virtues of patience and strength came to mind and a realisation that I needed to go on a true “Walkabout” to envision the bigger picture. In the very last dream of my lost car series a young girl asks me to open my purse where inside I found my mobile phone on silent. Intriguing! Only in hindsight did I make the connection.

Twelve days of lying in bed followed as I contemplated what to do next, yet nothing came. I couldn’t read, write or do anything that involved concentration yet my dreams were full of goings-on. Even Jung himself put in an appearance telling me I’ve “given birth to my Fate.” Arggh! I couldn’t make sense of any of it! My tarot journey continued, yet it was as though, following my visit to Odin’s tree, the Hanged Man himself had marked a waiting period in my life. Interestingly I was led to Donald Kalsched when he appeared in a subsequent dream with a small boy in tow. I had no idea who he was until I woke and googled the name he gave. In pure synchronicity that same morning a fellow twitter friend posted an article about his work on trauma. I ordered his book the same day, which I read with gusto, loving his theory of the “self-care system” which has been an invaluable addition to my Jungian inspired lens.

As I penned the World and finished my tarot journey, I felt joyous and ran into summer’s open arms, walked woods, over fells, and up and down (slowly with my ankle brace!) many a hillside, to stop and pick flowers, admire butterflies and sing as, when I’m happy, I love to walk and sing! Ah, I remember thinking, I have returned to Gaia. We spent the summer at a famous poet’s house with views of an inspiring mountain range. Heaven is definitely a place called Mother Earth! My negative animus was far, far away, or so I thought until one day, in the woods, I saw him staring down in the form of a magnificent yet menacing looking raven. I recognised him immediately, and knew he had been shadowing my journey. Was he an ill-fated sign, a bad omen I wondered? I hoped not.

Then it happened. Ten weeks after I had first broken my ankle, I broke it again, the same one. I couldn’t believe it! So back to bed I go with my foot elevated and me scratching my head in utter disbelief. The pain and fracture were worse than the first time. I cried daily with the pain, misery and frustration of it all, praying I wouldn’t need surgery on my ankle. Okay I thought, what the hell was going on?! At a loss I turned to my animus notebook and began to read. I read all about how the summer was an open, moving, breathing, living dream of self-nurturance, self-love and deep healing and how I was literally floating through my days despite having three successive dreams of a caged wizard, a yelling, screaming shaman and a furious bank manager.

As I read the sentence, “The Animus is a Latin word that means “the rational soul; life; the mental powers, intelligence” it slowly dawned on me that I hadn’t been paying attention to my financial affairs and was behind several months on my accounts, neglecting to renew an important membership and prepare myself for a business audit which was due to take place in the next three weeks. Suddenly the meaning of my silent mobile phone dream dawned on me, I had muted my own animus. Yes, I had neglected him and was deeply shocked to think that my once fat, overweight animus in the form of Brutus was now so lean and skinny he was struggling to be heard. And Olive? Well Olive was stuffed full and daily taking on a rounder appearance. I had been so focussed on putting my animus on a diet that I hadn’t realised I was actually starving him. Last year he had started the diet overweight and was now painfully thin, in fact he experienced the incarnations of both Laurel and Hardy and had become completely unbalanced in the process of change!

It was time to put things right, so I sat down and pulled out the neglected yet necessary paperwork, which covered the entire bed, and slowly began. On that first day each task seemed impossible – the story of Baba Yaga and Vasillila (which I had read in Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes) arose in my mind, for unachievable tasks were certainly the order of my day. It was like someone had tipped a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle into my lap and told me I had just 2 hours to finish it! Thankfully, in the end it all turned out well and somehow (miraculously!) I completed my tasks in time, teaching me a valuable balancing lesson, for either fat or thin, my animus was out of balance. Later, I turned to my notebook and read, “Listen deeply, give up the old life and die unto yourself, then and only then will you regenerate.” Yes, I’m thinking today but please can my psyche provide me with a set of inner weighing scales so that I will never forget to balance out my feminine and masculine aspects again!

The Animus Diet - Part Three

Where was all of this leading I wondered? The answer came in the form of a dream. Last weekend I dreamt that I met my positive animus. I’m eighteen years old (that magical number!) and I’m in the pub with friends, waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. The party is in full swing as I watch the door open and David Bowie walks in. He comes straight over to me, our eyes lock, there are no words. I put both arms around his slim waist, he pulls me in close and slowly we begin to dance. The dance is slow, powerful and deep. David whispers, “You’re my living dream, you know that don’t you.” I wake up almost crying with joy! For deep within the mystery of my dream, I felt the sacred marriage was revealed to me, whilst I was led to a “new man” within.

First of all, let me give you some words I would use to describe David Bowie: heathen, spiritual, poet, genius, devoted, animus, starman, soul, integrated, androgynous, original, and divine. Christ-like, deep, sexy and wild all wrapped up in one. In the dream (like life) it was a long wait before me and my animus came together for “that” dance and his slim waist did not go unnoticed by me!

I’m onto google as soon as I wake, with his words “living dream” still echoing in my ears, and discover that “When I Live my Dream” was one of Bowie’s early songs back in 1967. Whilst listening to the lyrics I couldn’t help but make the connection between my animus’s desire to be in a balanced relationship with me and how recently I had placed him on “mute”. In Bowie’s song he is heartbroken by the separation from his love and will only be happy when he reunites with her in his dreams. I know that when I live my dream it is always when I’m in deep relationship with my creativity … more synchronicity! I realised that my dream had been a slow, powerful, deep dance with the animus. “Perhaps it’s time to write part three of my animus diet” I remember thinking. I felt called, supported and guided back to my pen by David. The way in which he pulled me close spoke of a deep, deep trusting bond, that we belong together, we’re the same. Twin flames, twin souls, call us what you will, it was a wild night! And even if nothing ever goes right with my words again, I know I am deeply loved by my animus.

Oh let’s dance, for only then will we live our dream! The glint in his eye, the way he moved me, I’m off to spin more Bowie now. Of course I should have guessed that David would turn up in my dream as an animus figure, for at my wedding many years ago as I walked down the aisle with my partner “Heroes” was the music and melody that played us out. Everyone was dancing, clapping, beaming with love and happiness for us. As I’m writing now, I look up and sing to David “Look down here I’m in heaven!”….a zillion thank yous to my Starman, my Jung Dude! Just like Bowie transformed the pop scene, he’s transformed my psyche too! Jung and Bowie are deeply connected I’m sure, for I remember reading that he had a deep interest in Jung and had attended when The Red Book was exhibited for the very first time in New York back in 2009. Coincidentally that was the same year I met Jung again for the second time … or is that synchronicity too?

I love the word “androgynous” and of course neither Jung nor Bowie were the first to recognise we are both male and female, for that was recognised in ancient times. Yet the process of integrating the opposites within seems to have been part of both of their “great” works and mine, I realise, too. Much like the tarot journey (another walkabout!) I recognise that, through my animus diet, I have been following the snaking path home of the mystic fool towards wholeness and individuation. Meditation is one of the ways in which I have often experienced the state of inner androgyny, of the inner balance of male and female or anima and animus. In the meditative state I lose sense of gender, a fusion of all aspects of myself that takes place within and this feeling brings great equanimity and wholeness.

At the end of this stage in my animus journey I feel my earthy, patient, receptive feminine side welcome and honour her animus’s courage, analytical thought, strength, focused attentiveness and desire for achievement. As for my ankle, it grows stronger with much patience still required during the growing (healing) season. I have an idea that the break happened in order for the genuine masculine and genuine feminine to come through, and for me to further reconcile the opposites within.

Where next I ponder? With my workbench now cleared, I don’t know exactly, yet I’m sure there will be a deeper connection to my creativity. Here with the autumn equinox drawing closer I feel I’m standing at the threshold of who I am and who I’m becoming. So let the goddess and the green man gather this year’s harvest and be conscious of what they’re leaving behind. Rumi writes, “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” Pay attention to your dreams dear poets, for in a dark time as we know, the eye begins to see. I leave you with one of my favourite Patience Strong poems that I treasured in my childhood. Much love, Blessed Be, Deborah.

NB: If you’ve enjoyed reading my Animus Diet, nine hundred nights later, here’s the final part: Food for the Soul: The Animus Diet

If You Stand Very Still

If you stand very still in the heart of a wood
you will hear many wonderful things-
the snap of a twig, the wind in the trees,
and the whirr of invisible wings.

If you stand very still in the turmoil of life
and wait for the voice from within-
you’ll be led down the quiet ways of wisdom and peace
in a mad world of chaos and din.

If you stand very still and you hold to your faith
you will get all the help that you ask.
You will draw from the silence the things you need
-hope and courage, and strength for your task.

By Patience Strong

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2017
Header Image Credit: Justin de Villeneuve
Second Image Credit: Bruce  Weber


© Deborah Gregory 2021. This essay forms part of a much longer series which includes my four part Animus Diet, Divine Hermaphrodite and In the Name of Sophia essays and poems which are presently being gathered to create a new book later this year – Jungian Archives

16 thoughts on “The Animus Diet – Part Three

  1. What a wonderful piece Deborah – it’s good to see you back here and, from the quality of your writing, you’re more inspired than ever!! I’m so pleased that you returned to the animus diet as your article has helped me piece together a bit of a jigsaw puzzle in my own life.

    I had begun to see that I had been neglecting my own animus only the other day. The background to this is that I love my work, which is very much based in the healing, caring profession. However, over the past few years, I have been feeling increasingly bored by what I do. I have tried taking courses to re-inspire me and my interest yet on my return to work I found that, after a few weeks, the niggly boredom started to creep in again and even a growing resentment for the time people were taking from me that stopped me doing something else that I might enjoy.

    Then it dawned on me – I was spending nearly 100% of my work time connecting to the feminine and completely neglecting my animus’s needs for some more logical, mental and perhaps creative type of work. What’s more I have been completing ignoring his cries for help to change. Not only had he expressed his anger through my boredom but he had created small injuries in the past year that stopped me working for weeks at a time – I am sure now that these were his more urgent ways that he had tried to get messages to me to give him some time.

    “Pay attention to your dreams”… oh how true and hindsight is a wonderful thing. Looking back over dreams from 3 or 4 years ago they were very animus led indicating back then that perhaps I was spending too much time working with my masculine aspect. I remember looking to change that and now it has become clear that I had tipped the scales too far the other way. So the upshot of all of this is that now I am trying to balance my work with more logical, physical and creative activities and already I have found I am happier in my job. I’m starting to beef up my very underweight animus but at the same time making sure I don’t let the scales swing the other way again!!

    How lucky you are to have had David Bowie in your dream – I had never thought of his androgyny as being the feminine and masculine in balance but of course they were…I wonder if that may also be a reason why he was admired by such a wide range of people from all cultures – he was the anima and animus in perfect harmony and they could all relate to that. There, I have waffled on here but when I read the next instalment of your animus diet it was just so relevant to me yet also it is such wonderful evidence of how the animus and anima must work in harmony for a happy life!!

    Deborah, I hope that your healing continues at a rapid pace and that you are positively leaping along the road of recovery very soon. I shall look forward to the next instalment along the way. Much love and light, Sophia

    1. Dear Sophia, Wow! What an epic reply! Thank you so much for your whole-hearted and encouraging words. It heartens me greatly to learn that you’ve benefitted so much from my ongoing animus diet. In clear and succinct ways you describe well how the animus within is often neglected. As you work in the caring and healing profession I’m sure you understand the terms “burnout” and “compassion fatigue” … when quite simply there is nothing left to give to others because you are spent.

      I believe boredom can often be anger in disguise, as the feminine pushes herself (down to the bone in my case!) so hard that collapse is the next evitable step. Relating nearly 100% to the feminine I’ve learnt is a sure fire way of asking fate to intervene and correct the balance. This is all so fascinating to me because I seriously had no idea at the time that my animus was so unbalanced. Hmm, interesting how the animus (or anima) can and will create even physical illnesses to get our attention!

      Looking back over three or four years of dreams I guess reveals the bigger picture of what’s going on within, in terms of our inner partner/s. Turning back nine months in my own dream diary I’ve always found helpful to see what was being initiated. This always helps me explore what’s going on today. It’s wonderful that you too can see what the animus was or was not doing and how today you can help yourself by honouring both inner partners. Great to hear that work is a happier place for you!

      Ah, Bowie! Well he’s “now” my hero for sure, whose work and music I only really discovered in my 40’s. I was fortunate to attend a huge retrospective of his work at the V&A Museum in London back in 2013. It was incredible yet today (the exhibition is in Barcelona at the moment) seeing him and his work again would prove to be so much greater than before! I better stop there or I’ll be writing another post inside this post! Blessings always, Deborah.

      1. Ah yes, physical illness…I strongly believe in the mind/body connection for creating illnesses within. Looking at people I work with I see a number of ‘A’ type personalities and now I can really relate to how their animus is pretty much in control of them. I’m not sure how much they would appreciate me telling them to get in touch with their feminine aspect though!!

        BTW – I really like the Patience Strong poem – oh how true…I love walking in woodland and just being mindful of all of nature’s sounds and smells around me. It’s the best way to centre myself and find balance; hopefully I’ll be doing that tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your weekend too Deborah, Sophia.

        1. Hmm, having been one of those women with a huge fat animus (and now a slim one that needs building up!) I find it’s one of the first things I notice about people … anima and animus … probably because it’s been such a huge focus for me these past twenty months. Yes, maybe the relationship a person has with their inner contrasexual partner does go some way in explaining the “A” type personality. Thank you for the gentle nudge, I’ll look into that area.

          The poem’s great isn’t it! To be honest Patience had me at the title alone! Walking in woodlands, over fells, up and down mountains … such joy! Next year I’m hoping to climb Mount Snowdon or Ben Nevis or both! The pure ecstasy of reaching the summit is beyond words … as from the top you see views that will last a lifetime. The top of the mountain is where I leave my fears. Enjoy your weekend too! Warm wishes, Deborah.

  2. Deborah, I read your whole “Animus Diet” this morning. It was great to read on every level – mind, body, spirit and soul. Each part offers deep reflective wisdom. Jung himself would be proud! This is extraordinary work – will there be a Part Four? You have left my own Animus almost speechless! High impact writing, Anna.

    1. Oh my goddess, you read it all … it must have taken you a couple of hours! I’m awestruck by the richness of your reply! Oh the joy of belonging to a beautiful, like-minded group where the Soul gathers! Thank you so much for your kind and generous words.

      Yes, part four will (hopefully) be written in the New Year, hmm, not sure when exactly … I just know I’m not done with my animus adventures yet! In the meantime I’m still scribbling away in my animus notebook and ha-ha! attend regular weigh-ins. I hope the day finds you well. Blessings always, Deborah.

        1. Ha-Ha! Well, it is a “diet” after all … thankfully, a journey of love with no calorie counting involved. Thank you for getting my humour! I’ll be injecting more into part four. Enjoy your day! x

  3. Dearest Deborah,

    I am updated–and blown away. I see why you needed the long break you took. A break right down to bones. I missed you, my poet friend, although you were still with me in your poems that live next to my bed.

    I didn’t know you broke your ankle the first time, much less the second. You’re good at keeping a secret, but the Hanged Man image said so much. I now realize that, in the midst of your turmoil, you offered help to me. If I had only known, I wouldn’t have asked. So now, I offer you a prayer and a wish for deep full healing. No more painful breaks.

    About those traveling dreams: I had 100+ dreams about lost or broken-down cars after Vic died or sometimes driving blind-folded. The old animus vehicle was gone and a new one desperately needed. It took time. I was impatient and didn’t believe.

    Your post make me remember”Dance Me to the End of Love.” I didn’t know David’s Bowie’s music as well as Leonard Cohen’s. I remember you love Leonard, too, so the links are dancing and love.

    Of course I relate to your Green Man images and the divine union with the Goddess. Yesterday, I helped release Monarch butterflies on my land. Such a strong symbol of Psyche for me. And today, I gathered acorns on my walk, a sure sign the oaks are preparing for winter. Fall Equinox is upon us. Summer winds down. The dark days bring a kind of introversion I can’t find in bright Summer Solstice light. I’m grateful for all the seasons.

    I’m grateful you’ve found new guides through synchronicity. I’m glad all that paper work is sorted out (oh, the neglected piles that hassle me by demanding sorting, paying, recycling, or filing). I wish I could show you one of my Monarch butterfly pupa, a green iridescent jewel hanging from a silken thread. Waiting. Waiting. Watching the butterfly become a pupa is powerful enough. I happened to catch the writhing transformation today and it looked like hard labor. Then stillness for 7-14 days followed by black and orange patterns appearing through thinning green walls of the pupa, until it splits and a butterfly emerges. And then the grand release to set them free. May we all be healed and released.

    I’m glad you’re back. I said it before, but it needs to be repeated. I missed you. I hope your ankle is receiving plenty of healing kisses.

    1. What JOY to read your beautiful, poetic words again Elaine! Thank you so much for this amazing soul missive! I’m typing and weeping with happiness. Oh, I swear a human heart can purr (like feline friends) with pleasure too … such is mine in this moment! I’ve missed you too my dear friend, nonetheless, I was overjoyed to help when needed. Thank you for your prayers and healing wishes. Your words they are hundreds of healing kisses!

      I had a feeling something was going on (above and below!) when I first broke my ankle. Often I revisited the Tarot’s Hanged Man to explore my “enforced” waiting period yet only later on did I begin realise its huge importance and lessons. Hmm, much like my “muted” animus I became mute too desperately trying to figure it out. Patience and strength were vital! And then when I broke my ankle again I “knew” I had confront my animus problem.

      Thank you for sharing that you had many lost cars dreams after your beloved Vic died, the theme and symbolism makes so much more sense to me now … how when the old animus dies we must patiently wait for a new “inner man” to emerge. Yay! Only another poetessa would make the connection between love and dancing! I love your nature descriptions and butterfly stories … I feel Psyche near as we approach the autumnal equinox.

      Today I noticed you’ve uploaded a ( very rare in the UK!) Swallowtail caterpillar photo! Beautiful, and what a hard labour rebirth is I’m thinking, often a deeply painful and violent affair! Ah, but you know the process well and so willingly share, like Jeanie and Susan your glimpses of soul with us all. A miraculous transformation awaits all who wander in search of Truth.

      Thank so much you for being you and all that you do.

      Love and light across the oceans, Deborah.

  4. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my! I love, love love this. I know it’s enormously helpful to your readers to see glimpses of the journey of two inner partners moving into absolute relationship. And I always feel so nourished and affirmed by your beautiful words and images. They resonate so deeply in me.

    My relationship with my animus has been very similar to yours. My favorite dream image of him is when he shows up as Kris Kristofferson! But a fun recent iteration was a handsome young blonde-haired groom dressed in Elvis’s white satin jump suit (complete with cape) singing a love song at his wedding to his bride whom I did not see.

    Years ago when I started writing my books my way of finding balance between him and my anima was to give her the mornings for meditating, body work and dreamwork and let him write and take care of other business most afternoons. I did that for years until it felt too contrived. Now I just listen and when I hear either one calling I obey as soon as I can.

    In a way my seven years of blogging was for both of them: he got to write but she loved conjuring more abbreviated glimpses of my soul much better than cramming it all in to one big opus. It was also a time of deep listening and paying attention and waiting to see if there might be another book in me. He looooves manifesting the big works.

    A quick glimpse of this morning’s dream: just me in my gold flats, standing facing me, the dreamer, from a slight distance with the words, “You need a unifying image” going through my mind. I woke up, got out my gold flats, and started taking pictures of them on my i-phone: on the floor in front of the open door with sunlight streaming in; at the top of the stairs with bright angled strips of light coming in through the blinds spilling on the wall and steps, an old photograph of my father hanging above on the wall.

    It all felt so magical, like it a suggestion from my unconscious about the book we (my animus, anima and I) are working on. Was it my animus or anima who chose to respond to my dream image this way? Maybe both? Together in one body with two feet. Cooperating. Taking things a step at the time. Him, then her. Her, then him. Perhaps….

    Sending love to you and Susan. I’ve missed you both but needed this break from the internet. The book is coming slowly. It’s a tough one. I’m experienced much self self-doubt and seeing a lot of alchemical percolating and bubbling up from the unconscious suggesting the nigredo process. But I’m listening, watching, keeping at it, tolerating the not-knowing. It’s a newish process for me but the manuscript seems to be assuming a distinct shape and form quite different from the others.

    Blessings from messy, soggy, power-starved Florida my beautiful poet sister. You should see the debris from hurricane Irma that’s still cluttering our yard; hear the generator on the back porch still chugging away to turn out enough power to keep the fridge, my computer and a fan running. But we are well and grateful to be alive and safe.

    Love, Jeanie

    1. Dear Jeanie, Thank you so much for your truly incredible reply! I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed my most recent animus adventures. Oh how you nourish my spirit and soul with your positive affirmations! I loved hearing about your young caped animus figure singing YOU a love song! And what delight to hear how Kris Kristofferson “help(ed) you make it through the night” … Ha-Ha! I couldn’t resist! Hopefully he’ll return for another “dreamy” night soon!

      Thank you for sharing the way in which you once fulfilled and honoured your inner partners, and how later on you settled on a more authentic and fluid approach. What pure insight and creative genius to discover how writing, especially blogging satisfies both our feminine and masculine aspects. Yes, I get it! I really do! It’s like my animus moves me to write, and my anima patiently waits for glimpses of the soul … beautiful, beyond words!

      Yet such is the beauty of your words that I weep with joy after reading your “golden” dream. I truly love how you recognise your inner marriage and how you work alongside your inner partners to create unifying images with words … “Him, then her. Her, then him” … oh, the breath-taking beauty of the anima and the animus, the goddess and the green man dancing together! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you were born to write!

      Appreciatively I have learnt the importance of taking breaks so know the necessity of taking a breather when needed. Yay! Wonderful news from the Great Mother’s kitchen with her process of alchemy underway! At times like these there’s little to do but stare and the moon and stir the pot … be watchful for joy, listen to your heart-song, for always when I do so I am led to places of learning and delight! Love and light always, Deborah.

        1. Ha-Ha! My pleasure Jeanie! Hope the day finds you well and that the recent storms have passed. Blessings always Deborah.

  5. Dear Deborah – I don’t know where to start –

    Thank you for being ankle deep in your musings. First off, I loved the accompanying picture of David Bowie and straightaway typed in Sorrow DB and your picture in colour came up – and listened to one of my very favourite songs of all time. Another one I love so much is ‘Save The Last Dance for Me’ which I’ll play just now …

    Sometimes, it seems like a break is what is needed even if it is something that renders us immobile. Some weeks back I fractured a rib that was dreadfully painful; thanks be it’s well on the mend but it meant slowing down, so much so that I hardly know how to re-start. I’m looking forward to the equinox and its moment of balance that I hope will extrapolate outwards everywhere ..

    Patience Strong’s poem is particularly apposite – I’ll be coming back to your post to re-read it as well as to more fully digest your animate diet – may it continue to animate you …

    May synchronicity continue along its beautiful path in your life Deborah … may your ankle heal well.

    Sending love from across the continents, Susan

    1. Thank you so much Susan for your wonderful reply. After three months of writing nothing, not even one word before I wrote this today … I have to say I do feel creatively “animated” this week indeed! I’m aware there’s lots to absorb here so much appreciation for reading this lengthy article. Hopefully, there’s lots for you to chew over in terms of your own animus adventures and how he’s shaping up too!

      It’s been a fascinating and painful journey these past three months yet a profound journey of love, balance and harvest most of all! I’m so sorry to hear about your fractured rib, ouch! How painful that must how been at the time. Hmm, in hindsight maybe these “breaks” were needed, ones that rendered us immobile so that we would have to take notice of what was happening and not happening in our lives.

      With patience and strength my ankle is slowing healing and yay! finally I was able to return to my local swimming pool yesterday! Yes, the relevance of Patience Strong’s words weren’t lost on me. Ah, synchronicity, she’s a welcome visitor in my life, as she usually leads me to places of delight and deep meaning. Blessings always, Deborah.

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