Active Imagination with Dr Jung on Being a Lesbian

Active Imagination with Dr Jung on Being a Lesbian

My lover is my soul image,
I told Dr Jung, the Self,
she who’s been calling me
towards her my whole life.
For my psyche
has never been whetted
by heterosexual love,
nor the image of a man.

Yes, a few have moved me,
especially you Dr Jung,
but not in the same way
a woman moves me.
With a woman
I know I can live forever,
with a heart ready for love
and deep surrender.

There is no deep-rooted
mother wound here,
or delayed development,
only beauty and magick.
Being a lesbian comes naturally.
Men who love men
understand this, as they too
seek only the Self.


© Deborah Gregory 2021
Image Credit:  “Water Serpents I” (1904-1907) by Gustav Klimt

22 thoughts on “Active Imagination with Dr Jung on Being a Lesbian

    1. Thank you so much Jason for the gift of your truly beautiful words. Hope all your family and friends are safe and indoors … far away from those apocalyptic fires. Love and light, Deborah.

  1. It’s simply a beautiful description of the feminine lesbian soul of a woman in the poem, brilliant! Dr Jung would be amazed with this. And me as I know it that I never can be gay, but surely a lesbian. With love, Aladin

    1. Oh, many thanks my dear friend for your beautiful words! Never gay, but always the lesbian! Ha-Ha! I love your appreciation of the Divine Feminine and I’m so impressed with English being your third language. My brain couldn’t commute even one extra let alone translate from Persian to German and then to English. Love and light, Deborah.

  2. Exquisitely beautiful and simply divine, Deborah. I always thought I’d fall in love with a woman after Vic’s death, but it didn’t happen. Partly because my hearing disability made socializing so hard. Marion Woodman filled my longing for a feminine image of the Self and included body in all her work. Even with her, even in 2007, the last time I went to a week long intensive, I couldn’t hear in the dining room or in other places where women gathered in groups to contact each other. I spent my time between sessions in the quiet art room or in my private room with my journal or walking along Lake Huron. My soul leads me on a solitary journey and I accept (with tears). Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart.

    1. Dear Elaine,

      Thank you so much for your exquisitely beautiful reply! I greatly admire your openness and honesty and know that I too, will be taking that solitary path, if, and when my lover dies before me … for I’ve never known such love, light and laughter in my life.

      And yet, miraculously, despite your hearing difficulties, it seems that your relationship with the Divine Feminine, especially the Goddess Psyche continues to deepen as you transform into Mama Monarch (who coincidentally, as I’ve learnt from you, have unique problems with hearing too). You truly are my inspiration!

      Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my relationships with the Divine Feminine, Soul, Psyche, Self, Sophia, Soul-Sisters and all that Goddessence for so long now … and into that comes thoughts on how and why I’ve been magic-k-ally drawn to women, especially those who seem to inhabit both genders, all my life.

      Although I’d never met Marion in person or had a deep friendship with her like you, I’ve read all her books and can understand how she could’ve courted many a woman’s heart! I believe “same-sex” love can and does express itself in friendships between women too. Halleluiah!

      Love and light, Deborah.

  3. This is wonderfully, powerfully, simple Deborah. As you state in the last four lines, and in the last line ‘… seek only the Self’. ‘With a heart ready for love and deep surrender’, you say it so naturally … thus, it matters not who one loves, but that one loves. And is ready for deep surrender. I love the Klimt artwork, not seen by me before, and the Emily Dickinson lines. A lovely way to end my evening before heading off for bed, perchance to dream. Love, Susan.

    1. How lovely it is to hear from you Susan! I’m up away in the office trying to pretend there’s no football going on downstairs which is impossible with all the noise below! I think England’s just scored twice … deafening!

      Beautiful, poetic … “thus it matters not who one loves, but that one loves” Oh, thank you so much my dear friend for sharing your love and wisdom.

      I have the same painting on my wall, it’s been there for over 20 years, perhaps longer. Ah, perchance to dream? Make sure your dream note and pencil are close by!

      Hope winter is not too fierce in the southern hemisphere?

      Love and light, Deborah.

      1. The winter’s good, nice and cold thanks Deborah, sun shining, a breeze about. Did I have the strangest dream last night – very strange indeed. Funny how the writing down of it brings things into sharper focus ..

        1. “Nice and cold” … that’s great Susan, must be easier for walking now! At the moment larger dreams seem to slip away in the morning, leaving only tiny fragments … little diamonds, never the less.

    1. Thank you so much BW, it’s always wonderful to hear from you and I also enjoy reading yours! Hope you are keeping well. I will check into the “other place” soon. Love and light, Deborah.

  4. It makes absolute sense that lesbians and gay men are just trying to find and come home to their true Self. A simply put and clarifying way to express this Deborah – I love the image of the Water Serpents to illustrate this too…its beautiful.

    I hope Jung was taking notes!!

    Blessings, Sophia

    1. Ha-Ha! You hope Jung was taking notes … that did make me laugh! Thank you so much Sophia for your lovely comment. I agree with your thoughts … yes, coming home to the Self.

      I chose Klimt’s Water Serpents (I) painting because I fell in love with this particular one much earlier in my life. Love and light, Deborah.

      1. You got me thinking and googling and I came across this book – Lesbians and Lesbianisms: A Post-Jungian Perspective by Claudette Kulkarni. I wondered if you have read it…it is a tad expensive mind!

        1. Oh, thanks Sophia! I have that book somewhere on my shelves and found it most helpful about twenty years ago, perhaps longer. It wasn’t too expensive back then but eek! I’ve just noticed the price of the hardcover and see what you mean.

          Yesterday, in pure synchronicity, I read Claudette’s updated (2013) interview: “On Being a Lesbian Jungian: A Self-Interview” on Here’s the weblink:

  5. The Soul selects her own Society –
    Then – shuts the Door –
    To her divine Majority –
    Present no more –

    Emily Dickinson c. 1862 (303)

    Bravo Deborah!!! Thank you for adding the rainbow to poetry’s coat of many colors. All the best, Anna.

    1. Thank you so much Anna for your rich reply! It’s a tiny poem that flowed just after lunch, so I thought I’d post. I’ve been exploring “same sex love” from an archetypal and Jungian perspective lately. Love and light, Deborah.

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