The Goddess and Her Green Man

Lord of the Greenwood

for Elaine and Vic

Sitting on a fallen tree,
two hearts of gold smile at me
and all the world becomes a song,
as love and bird sing all day long.
Hush listen to their hearts a-flutter,
as memory moves to early summer
where May recalls her happy hour,
a dance amid pale yellow flowers!
And as I spy behind the oak
a pen falls from my poet’s cloak,
for never have I seen such love
that sits beside the tall foxglove!
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The Healing Light of Ancestral Love

The Healing Light of Ancestral Love

Here on the long nights of the year,
in the darkest hours of mid-winter,
I call upon those wise, loving ones,
those radiant, bright elevated souls
whose names are beyond my reach.
Those who are well in spirit, come
and shine your healing light of love
all the way down my ancestral line.
Far past the ruinous family shadow
of madness, violence and addiction,
towards my true ancestral blessings
of creativity, healing and devotion.

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