The Goddess and Her Green Man

Lord of the Greenwood

for Elaine and Vic

Sitting on a fallen tree,
two hearts of gold smile at me
and all the world becomes a song,
as love and bird sing all day long.
Hush listen to their hearts a-flutter,
as memory moves to early summer
where May recalls her happy hour,
a dance amid pale yellow flowers!
And as I spy behind the oak
a pen falls from my poet’s cloak,
for never have I seen such love
that sits beside the tall foxglove!
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The Marriage of Word and Image

The Marriage of Word and Image

And a voice spoke to me,
“the alphabet will be your lodestar”
and I woke from the dream enraged!
Why do his  letters get to be so important?
Why can’t I paint or play music,
why can’t I sculpt clay or knit?
Why do those 26 letters
have to be my guiding star?
“Well,” said the soul,
“you can either come to them
squealing like a noisy pig,
or you can come to them with grace.”

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