The Shepherd’s Hut

The Shepherds Hut

Far from the maddening crowd,
in the heart of the shepherd’s hut,
I sit and listen to the blue
drift of hush-hush tears
dampen each forget-me-not
of the soul’s wild meadow.

Sheltered from each downpour,
I travel from place to place
with the ease and strength
of a seasoned shepherdess,
who moves as her flock moves,
to rich, flourishing fields.

Sharing my wood burning stove,
windows on both sides,
walls lined in mother’s embrace,
an ailing lamb is often brought
to this healing space
for love and shelter overnight.

There are no people noises here,
only bird and river song.
I am spared all interruptions
as I clean out the night’s ashes,
and gather kindling
to relight the morning flame.

I bring in a few fresh flowers
and put the kettle on,
as Diana prepares me in ritual
to leave my home far behind
and be as present as I can,
here, in her most sacred temple.

With shepherd’s crook in hand,
I attach a glowing lantern
and call out to the goddess
to steer me through the night,
as I help return another lamb
to field of Mother and flower.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2015

6 thoughts on “The Shepherd’s Hut

  1. This is a stunning and meandering flow of words that makes one feel safe and secure in the warmth of its content. You manage to paint the words so beautifully that the reader is immediately drawn into the essence of nature itself.

    I salute you! Lol Xxx

    1. That is such a beautiful comment, thank you so much Bathsheba.

      The shepherd’s hut for me represents safety, warmth and love. A place where healing takes happens, where the young (however defined), vulnerable and sick are brought for shelter and support. A physical, metaphorical, heart space found deep within Nature itself.

      A wild meadow of the Soul. Warm greetings! xxx

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