The Poet’s Lovebirds

The Poet's Lovebirds

The birds sat in silence
to hear the poet sing.
Each winged note
pressed deep to their soul.
An everlasting call of love
greeting the heart.

Poets love birds
and feathers talk,
word-flutes of desire.
Reddening and rising,
the poet’s lovebirds
entwine all hearts.

Stored deep within,
fluttering harmonies
move the poet’s pen.
Firing a flow of air
across the open heart.
Beautiful beyond words.

Twelve years later,
the symphony
of the soul of love
still embraces each bird.
Tenderly they nestle,
sheltering the poet’s heart.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2016
Image credit: Google Images

16 thoughts on “The Poet’s Lovebirds

    1. Thank you so much Born for your beautiful gift of words together with your lovely email. Please know I am deeply touched by your encouraging, inspiring words and was thrilled to recently read your short poem, titled ‘Deborah’ at the other place … you see, the poet’s lovebirds both flew over and whispered in my ear! I’m thinking of writing a tribute poem myself … to all poets! Thank you for the inspiration. Much love dear poet, Blessed Be.

  1. “Hope is a thing with feathers…”
    I’m behind, but finally here. I enjoyed the silence, the call, the notes, the talk, the symphony, the love. Outdoors, with my hearing aids on high, I can hear bird song with pleasure. I”m glad that remains in my confusing auditory world.
    The image of lovebirds reminds me of the post I’m writing at the moment about a sunset bench Vic built for the two of us. His birthday is on Monday. I’ll sit there on an unusually warm day (if the forecast is correct) and feel the love that remains after almost eight years. If I’m lucky, there will be birds and a great sunset.
    Today, I cleaned out the bluebird nesting boxes, preparing for spring. Soon the bluebird males and then the tree swallows show up to stake a claim.

    1. Firstly, thank you Elaine for evoking Emily Dickinson’s wonderful poem. I’ve just read it for the umpteenth time, such pure delight! I appreciate the fullness of others’ lives and often allow myself to write back only when time permits. I favour the peaceful, unhurried way of life, knowing that healing hearts can never be rushed.

      What’s more, I’m truly delighted that you enjoyed my poem and love that birdsong hasn’t been taken away from your hearing world. I’m listening too many sing their morning chorus through my open bedroom window as I type away. I look forward to reading your new post and hearing all about your beloved ‘sunset bench.’

      Tomorrow on Vic’s birthday, I hope many a feather spirals down and that their message, held within, presses deep to your soul. Your rich relationship to Mother Nature, and inner earth is inspirational and beautiful beyond words. Warm spring wishes, Deborah.

  2. This poem warmed my heart so much! And the picture just makes me so happy! You have such a beautiful soul and I can feel that in all of your writing. The peace and tranquility is infectious and I felt myself immediately relaxing from the stress of the day when reading this. That is the power of excellent writing, to close to convey a thought or idea or emotion so vividly that the reader can’t help but get swept up in it. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Best of Wishes–Lindsey V.

    1. Lindsey, that’s such a beautiful reply! Thank you so much, please know that the generosity and warmth of your words are truly appreciated. Words and images blend so well together don’t they, I love that I can add an image to my poems/articles. I hope this weekend finds you well, have a wonderful time. Warm greetings, Deborah.

  3. Dear Deborah, ahhh, your romantic poems always make me smile and rejoice 🙂 You know, I think, that I’m not a great fan of / believer in romantic love. Shame on me 😉 However, I do enjoy your beautiful love poems, which stir such wonderful emotion and sentiment and, therefore, give me cause to reflect. Love & blessings to you and your beloved, Sam 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sam for your wonderful, kind-hearted reply to my Valentine poem, much appreciated. This one just flowed out one morning with coffee! Once the image of the lovebirds nested together came into my heart I knew that I had to write about them. Warm greetings, Deborah. 🙂 🙂

  4. This is such a beautiful love poem Deborah – a true symphony of words of love to a magical tune for your loved one. I love the idea of lovebirds listening to the poet sing and your words “twelve years later, the symphony of the soul of love still embraces each bird, tenderly they nestle, sheltering the poets heart” – such beautiful imagery. This was a wonderful gift to your Valentine, she must feel blessed to have such a poetical weaver of words as a partner.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your beautiful, kind-hearted reply. Truly appreciated! Those gorgeous lovebirds, listening with love, were the very first image I saw when I picked up the poet’s pen. I’m so happy to share that this love poem was greatly enjoyed by my Valentine. Warm greetings, Deborah.

  5. Exquisite poetry. Silent birds and a singing poet, “beautiful beyond words.” I noted the repetition of “symphony of the soul of love” taken from another of your love poems. Twelve years later Deborah, and that “symphony” is entirely yours. Beautifully penned, a delightful read. I visualised the branch as the poet’s pen, although Claire’s flute idea works well. All the best, Liz.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift of words Liz as today we celebrate our 12th Valentine together. You’re most observant as ‘The Symphony of the Soul of Love’ is indeed taken from the title of one of my other poems. It perfectly describes my heart’s everlasting call to Love. Hope you’re also having a splendid time on this day of hearts. Blessings, Deborah.

  6. Deborah, honestly this would probably make the daily! I take my hat off to you beloved poetess for writing an original poem which is pretty hard to do these Valentine days. “Word-flutes,” yep, I like your new word. Gorgeous poetry, tender writing. I hope you two lovebirds are having a beautiful, relaxing weekend. Enjoy.

    1. You’re way too kind Picasso! Having a wonderful weekend break, looking forward to a romantic lunch later, chips on the beach … thank goodness it’s not raining here today! I hope St Valentine finds you well. Thank you so much for your lovely words, Deborah.

  7. This is sooo beautiful Deborah!!!
    I have to ask what did your Valentine think of it?
    These three lines really stand out for me……
    “Poets love birds
    and feathers talk,
    word-flutes of desire.”
    How cute those lovebirds are, adorable!!!..they look like they’re more resting on a flute, not a branch of a tree.
    I really enjoy it when writers and poets make up new words, word-flutes!!
    Another amazing poem. As you know I’m a huge fan, going to post to fb.
    Is this going to be another new poem for book 2??…
    Hope you’re having a lovely time.

    1. Thank you so much Claire for your wonderful comment on my Valentine poem, truly appreciated. She loved it! Ha-ha! I enjoy creating new words, although I must admit I originally typed ‘word-flutes’ by mistake. Re: image … couldn’t resist adding the music to the branch, or ‘flute’ or ‘poet’s pen’ depending on perception. Yes, another poem for my second collection, which will hopefully include all my Major Arcana tarot poetry. Hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s Day dear poet. Warm greetings, Deborah.

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