Poetry of the Tarot: The Moon

The Moon

The poet journeys through the night
pushing beyond the mysterious veil,
into the dreamlands she knows well.
Ones of vision, genius and madness,
where dog and wolf, tame and wild
come together under a glaring moon.
Where we yield to the Great Mother,
endure her fury as our faith is tested.

Faith is the calling of our higher self,
one that helps discover true purpose.
Without it we are hurled off balance,
deceive ourselves and wander blind.
Something is transpiring in the dark
that in due course will come to light.
She who knows your darkest secrets.
She who opens her eye to see within.

On its head the spirit’s load is lifted,
as old, deeply hidden truths surface.
Behold it’s time to step into the light,
turn within to the luminous Mother.
See clearly how old deceptions fade,
rejoice in the spirit of enlightenment
as we increase hope, faith and belief.
Follow clues, listen to Her whispers.

The poet must attend to her dreams
while Isis beams down night-magic.
Wild and strong her alchemy shines.
What remains hidden within hearts
is totally purged, so invisible secrets
can no longer haunt or persecute us.
Although celestial, know moonlight
can deceive, until we reach The Sun.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2016

16 thoughts on “Poetry of the Tarot: The Moon

  1. Beautiful poem! This is one of those cards you just can´t help but read intuitively… I have always thought the Moon was a positive figure… not so much associated with fear, illusion, anxiety, etc… I guess one could read it using The Sun, as its opposite… Also, if you think of the adjective “lunatic”. But anyway, it is a tricky card when you first see it. Sending love, dear Deborah

    1. Thank you so much Aquileana for your wonderful reply! I, too, see The Moon as the Tarot’s wild card, and with it (as Anna writes below) brings her mixed blessings. Sometimes visions, other times genius and occasional lunacy! An illuminating time where we are deeply tested to see whether we will choose to deceive ourselves, and therefore be deceived by others. In soul, Deborah.

  2. The Moon, whenever I see this card in a spread I wonder am I being deceived or maybe deceiving myself yet I cannot look upon it negatively because I just love the moon. It is my ruling planet and so every month my emotions are deeply affected by the moons stages – I’m smiling now as my family now check the calendar for a full moon if I get a bit too emotional!! Yet the light is so beautiful and if I don’t sit outside and moon bath in my garden then I will place my crystals and pendants in its light to cleanse and re-energise them.

    I recently read a book about walking out in the countryside by moonlight – being a keen walker that’s something I would love to try over a route I know already to see it in a new light. I will never forget that once, out on the edge of a very secluded village I walked at dawn on the day of what I thought was a full moon but I think I was deceived and now realise it must have been just waning. I still felt blessed to see the rising sun and a full bodied moon in the sky – it was magical! Your words bring the full magic of the moon to life Deborah – thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for sharing your wonderful insights and kind-hearted words on The Moon. Yes, deceit straight away comes to mind when looking at the Tarot spread yet I agree with you whole-heartedly, the moon is just beautiful and a pure delight to see on cloudless nights. Heaven’s most glorious centrepiece I call Her!

      Re: Calendar, I’m still doing that many years after my menopause began! Hmm, only goes to show how strong and powerful the moon’s influence holds with our bodies. What a lovely way to re-energise your crystals!

      I love your idea of walking an old path under moonlight, in order to see it anew! How magickal to have seen a full moon with the dawn breaking, and the sun rising. Wow! If only I could get up early as that sounds beautiful to witness! Warm wishes to you, Deborah.

  3. Thank you, Deborah. I’m grieving a little as I imagine how soon this series will end. And the word “imagine” brings me to Imagination, that Goddess power of the Moon. How I love watching the Moon in her phases and wanderings. My home and land have an open view to the southern sky, so I watch Her transformations when the sky is clear. I love Her many Goddess forms, including Hecate.

    I see how She can deceive. In astrology I think of Moon as the habits and emotions so closely linked with body in our daily rounds. As the imagination and reflections that creates the world as I see it and know it–sometimes a clear vision and sometimes clouded. Often these embodied messages from the Moon tell the truth when my ego-self deceives with ideas that counter the body’s wisdom.

    It’s turned suddenly warm here. Last night, I sat outside bathed in moonlight at 10 pm. It felt as healing as Forest Bathing. Thank you again, dear Poet, for the teachings, wisdom, and beauty of your verse.

    1. What a truly beautiful response to The Moon! Thank you so much Elaine for shedding light and sharing your clear insights on Her. “In her phrases and wanderings”… Oh how this poet’s heart leapt in delight! For She is wonderful always, and in all ways, and yet I’ve always been intensely drawn to the crescent moon … recently finding out I was born under Her first day return (waning crescent 3%). How wonderful your night skies must be, and magical too.

      That strong connection to the body I can’t deny! For in Her full moon phrase my body feels like it’s literally swelling up, becomes fuller somehow, while head and heart, more than usual, connect deeply … unbearably so in the days that run up! Then as she disappears, my swelling dissipates and the cycle begins all over again before I rest in awe in Her crescent moon. Hmm, I thought this would stop after my periods ended seven years ago, no chance!

      On forest bathing and moon bathing, I agree, both beautiful and both healing. I love that present-day “bathing” turn of phrase! Not for many years but for many years I loved sunbathing. These days within thirty minutes I start to burn, so it’s floppy hat and factor 30! Another age and stage of the body no doubt … though at the time it feels like my love of the sun would last forever … until I discovered Hecate and her magickal moon. Blessings always, Deborah.

  4. Loved this Deborah thank you. ‘Faith is the calling of our higher self’ – those words speak to me. Doubt is a strange bedfellow to faith and is something I go through from time to time, i.e. doubt about everything. I also find that going through that existential crisis strengthens my faith.

    I’m looking forward to the full moon this coming Friday and plan to bather myself in her glow for a moment or so. May her beneficent and beautiful influence be felt across the globe.

    I’m holding London in my heart.

    1. Thank you so much Susan for your beautiful, and deeply heartfelt response to The Moon and for sending your love and light to London. Ah, Faith, it’s so hard to hold yet we must, we must! … even when tears stream down our faces, and we cannot stop ourselves from being hurled off balance, into deep shock and pain … for to hoard suffering helps no one.

      In pure synchronicity this morning I read these incredible Rumi verses, “Having seen the fall, consider the rise. What harm ever came to the setting Sun or Moon?” … yes, I also look forward to witnessing her fullness, and will join you in moonshine! Some nights when she is bright and full, I open my bedroom curtains to sleep in her glow. Blessings always, Deborah.

  5. Deborah, this is superb!!! I met my greatest lover by moonlight who turned out in daylight to be a trickster. I swear he was Hermes himself!! He’s been one of the hardest jobs in my life, letting go what was never real.

    I’ve always thought of the Moon as tarot’s wild card as it brings mixed blessings, Anna.

    1. Thank you so much Anna for your wonderful comment and sharing your moonlight experience, I feel there’s so much truth in your words. For under moonlight, it’s as though we often slip on a pair of rose coloured glasses and become blind to all illusions that the “Night” offers … it’s so easy to see how we deceive ourselves. Blessings always, Deborah.

        1. I’m happy you were finally able to take off your “glasses” and “see” him as he really was … must of been difficult, hmm, heaven and hell at the same time! x

  6. The Moon. A tarot card I always received with mixed feelings. I used to get nervous when I, or other people around me started displaying their emotions too openly.

    But indeed I always tried to be the poet who attended her dreams. The tree of life, the Yesod is associated with the moon. The moon is the reservoir of all our life juices… No wonder I always ‘feared’ this card.

    I like the way the moon celebrates the marriage between heaven and earth. Like you say in your poem: “On its head the spirit’s load is lifted
    as old, deeply hidden truths surface”.

    Behind the moon are the beams of the sun. Their marriage, their connection gives birth to the next card of the child: the sun: The reborn fool

    1. Thank you so much Susanne for your stellar reflections and wonderful gift of words. Hmm, everything looks different under moonlight, nothing is quite as it seems … with deception all around, self and other … no wonder we all get nervous when we turn Her over! As you mention the Yesod, the Tree of Life, I am reminded of the psychic capacity the Moon embraces, and how beyond our conscious veil this can be awakened. I love your description of the Moon’s “life juices” which sits just right with me.

      The Divine marriage of The Moon and The Sun, and the Fool’s (Poet’s) rebirth, I can hardly wait! A card that brings profound joy, love the symbolism. Blessings always, Deborah.

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