Poetry of the Tarot: Judgement


Awakened by the light of the Sun,
the poet hears a heavenly trumpet
calling the Self to spiritual rebirth.
Summoned by Archangel Gabriel
she takes off her persona to reveal
her true being. Shameless at what
is not there she exonerates herself,
wipes the slate clean, begins again.

Wonderful things start to happen,
the opposites within break down,
as shadow natures come together
to balance out spirit with oneness.
Integration settles brave wounds,
two become one, a rebirth of love.
He who stands in new possibility.
She who atones for past mistakes.

Reversed, he sits in quiet torment,
reprimanding himself and others,
forever missing out on life’s bliss.
Self-abandoning, overly cautious,
this miserable Justice of the Peace
sinks low and rests in depression.
Her daily criticism creates misery,
unhelpful karma and poor health.

Forever, the end is the beginning
as the Divine Feminine wakes up,
brought to life by love’s true kiss.
A healing coniunctio takes place,
forgiveness merges love and fear.
“Let love lead us, love above all!”
the phoenix cries from the ashes,
as the Soul returns to The World.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2016

12 thoughts on “Poetry of the Tarot: Judgement

  1. Wow Deborah you’re on the penultimate stage of your journey and this is a wonderful stage that I think of in terms of my aging process as I moved into my 50s, a time where I finally got it and learned not to be ashamed of my own imperfections, becoming more of the real me. In fact I think this journey happens many times in each lifetime and as we near the end of each cycle we move a step closer to being real…then we start again at another level of understanding.

    It’s wonderful because when you accept yourself exactly as you are wonderful things start to happen. We become at one with ourselves both in our inner and out worlds. Awakening the Divine Feminine reminds me of Sleeping Beauty being brought to life by life’s true kiss…love and fear are no longer opposites and we accept all of our past mistakes so that instead of beating ourselves up over our pasts we can live here and now in the present moment. One more stage now and then we start all over again!! Beautifully crafted again Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for journeying with me and sharing your heart along the way. Yes, the penultimate card in the Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey is about becoming truly authentic with self and others, loving ourselves exactly as we are. Judgement helps us release guilt, shame and sin as we atone for past mistakes … as we reveal ourselves to ourselves, stand naked and not ashamed. For many it’s time to drop the theatrical persona and further integrate the shadow, thus creating an open and honest relationship with self and others.

      And truth, if we let it awakens our “inner” Sleeping Beauty, for truth awakens all. I agree, beating ourselves up for what we’re not keeps us faraway from the beauty and grace of Judgement. In it’s reverse position we become highly critical of self and others, we mock others’ appearances, lifestyles and careers. As we know, this brings about long-lasting quiet torment, self-loathing and rigid perfectionism. I love this card, it serves well as a great reminder that forgiveness is vital in order to release the past and live in the now! Blessings always, Deborah.

  2. At last, back at home after being away this past week and a few moments to attend to the last stretch of your Tarot poetry Deborah! Forever, the end is the beginning … a very powerful phrase indeed. We were in Plettenberg Bay where we have a holiday home – parts of this beautiful place were destroyed by fire, homes and farms, natural vegetation & bnb’s, hotels, belongings lost in the inferno … people including firefighters lost their lives. Plettenberg Bay was not as badly hit as Knysna, 30 kms away. The attitudes of so many has been eye-opening – they will start again. Their resilience in the face of tragedy reminds me so clearly that in amidst the destruction is creation …

    1. Thank you so much Susan for sharing your heart-warming reflections. “Fire” seems to be the word of the week, worldwide … spreading wrath and devastation throughout many countries. Such distressing and life-changing news! I’m so sorry to hear about Knysna!

      And yet, as we know what often at first feels like the very end, is often a beginning in disguise. Yes, resilience in the face of tragedy, the Soul at work … the phoenix rising from the ashes! Cohen comes to mind, these lines in particular. Blessings always, Deborah.

      “Ring the bell that can still ring
      Forget your perfect offering
      There is a crack, a crack in everything
      That’s where the light comes in”

      (Leonard Cohen, Anthem, 1992)

  3. Deborah, there are many great lines here. Forgiveness key. Forgiving ourselves for not being perfect. I see you stepping in, uncovering what’s hidden. Your words; revelatory. Your verse; profound. I doff my cap!! The World awaits……

    1. Thank you so much Anna for your truly wonderful comment, I’m deeply humbled! Yes, atonement and surrender are upon us while guilt, shame and regret (towards self and others) is released with forgiveness, mercy and compassion. My Tarot journey concludes Midsummer, so do look out for “The World” in the next few days. Blessings always, Deborah.

        1. We die, then return, and when we return, we know, we know something has shifted so deep within that our old self falls away, and from the fire, the burning, the ashes, we begin again, and see ourselves rise in love, how can it be any other way? Namaste

            1. Thank you so much Anna for being a truly wonderful companion on my journey. Hope the day finds you well.

  4. Thank you for sharing your vision on the Sun, Deborah. Being shameless about what is not there, oh yes I recognise that. I even flirt with it sometimes 😉
    To be like a child: is every child a poet at heart? I am not sure, but I am charmed by the thought. That in our pure hearts, we sing our own song. We just need to be silent and listen to our own tune.
    Speaking of which: do you know that Norse Mythology assumes the cosmos was created through sound? All the more reason to sing your own poems. Ymir was the first living creature, and his name means sound.
    Thanks for helping us awake the Divine Feminine. Let’s act Fool-ish together with her.

    1. Thank you so much Susanne for your wonderful comment and rich reflections on Judgement. You’ve been such an insightful companion on my Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey! I love your view on “shameless” for me it’s that liberating feeling when you’re being your true self … unafraid of wholeness, not judging whether you’re “good enough”… the past is over, you no longer need to atone for yesterday.

      Our beautiful heart song, yes let’s listen, and be led by love! I don’t know much Norse Mythology, I’ve been learning from you and will seek out this story about Ymir. My pre-birth memories speak loudly of sound, I remember the music distinctively! I call it the “Symphony of the Soul of Love” and wrote a poem all about it. Blessings always, Deborah.

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