Poetry of the Tarot: The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Look into the mirror of your soul,
come see yourself, just as you are!
For the hierophantic spark within
excites us to know ourselves well,
to discover our spiritual heritage,
finally become a magician of sorts.
Jupiter, King of the Gods and Sky,
heavenly witness to solemn oaths.

Inside our dreams the hierophant,
that heavenly channel of wisdom,
papal guide, takes us by the hand
guiding us to our spiritual wealth.
Where intersected keys are raised
to discharge each slumbering soul.
He who avows his quest for Truth.
He who recognises he is not Truth.

Inverted, spiritual lives are sealed,
stubbornly the ego lives in denial.
Master manipulator, he wants all!
Secretive, dishonest and vengeful,
this passive-aggressive evangelist
slips on the Pope’s robes for those
impressed by flamboyant costume.
Locked, his heart no longer opens.

True poetry is a shamanic release.
Words lay sleeping, stuttering to
awaken inside the mystic’s drum,
until rhythm stirs the poet to pen
the symphony of the soul of love.
Within knowing and blessed Self,
the poet travels a holy pilgrimage
on the road to the celestial Lovers.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2016

16 thoughts on “Poetry of the Tarot: The Hierophant

  1. I love this series, Deborah. I visit your blog asking, “What will I learn today to help me understand my inner and outer life?” Since I know astrology, but not Tarot, my understanding deepens when you use astrological symbols such as Jupiter. The Archetype of Teacher and guru. And potentially inflated and all consuming. I love your poetic reflections on the two keys since both perspectives are needed to unlock the door to the inner life.

    We seem to be getting a nearly lethal dose of negative engorged Heirophant energy in the US and, I’m sorry to say, we spread our bad karma throughout the world.

    On a sweeter note, I agree the best poetry is shamanic–like your poetry. Thank you for taking your readers on this journey through the Tarot.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine for your inspiration and for helping me progress on this Fool’s (Poet’s) Journey. I am truly humbled by your beautiful gift of words. Sometimes, I have no idea where I’m heading but I guess fully surrendering to the mystery will be the only way to follow the red thread through this labyrinth. I didn’t know that about Jupiter, you teach me well. Both keys must be turned indeed, to gain entry, to tear down the veil, and enter those betwixt and between realms … much like Jung and Tolkien.

      I know that your country’s elections are long since over, yet still I remain in shock with the result, and the unfolding of those new papal robes. Barefoot in the grass, I’m keeping one ear close to the ground, listening to the rumbles below, perceiving the screams of the Goddess as the world watches and waits … holding its breath, hoping, hoping, hoping. Love and blessings always, Deborah.

  2. Dear Deborah,

    Like the right hemisphere of the brain, the Hierophant has to be one of the most powerful and inscrutable archetypal realities of all. With your words you beautifully and artfully capture his/her mysterious powers to work in partnership with the ego to create awakening, self-knowledge, illumination, transformation, meaning, freedom. I see the poets’s task as the same. You both represent the cutting edge of evolution. Blessings, and thank you. Jeanie

    1. Thank you so much Jeanie for revealing even more of the enigmatic, deeply archetypal Hierophant, and your beautiful, encouraging commentary on my Tarot poem. Without any exaggeration, working in partnership with this illuminating card has been amazing, even life-enhancing. I agree, with the poet’s task being a similar one! I love your “cutting edge of evolution” description, perfect wordsmithery! Blessings always, Deborah.

  3. This is such a truly amazing journey you are taking your readers on, again beautifully crafted words.

    I have to admit that there are aspects of the Hierophant that I have not liked in the past, probably due to the association with the Pope orthodoxy, institutionalisation, rules and conformity. But as a nurturer of spiritual awareness and his link to higher consciousness has balanced this for me…perhaps I focussed too much on his reversed meanings. Your poem is very clarifying on both of his aspects, so thank you again Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for gifting me such a generous reply to my poem, truly appreciated. After a long day at work it’s simply wonderful to read your inspiring words tonight. I hope this doesn’t sound like too much of a cliché but I consider myself to be spiritual, not religious, therefore can relate deeply to what you say about organized religion and Orthodoxy.

      I’m delighted you’re enjoying both sides of the cards in my “Poetry of the Tarot” series, I guess this Jung-loving poet couldn’t do it any other way! Warm wishes to you, Deborah.

  4. “True poetry is a shamanic release.”

    I have always found it fascinating the art of the written language and the healing properties. Words can bring escape, healing, closure. And poetry, in its simplest, truest form, can wield more power than an entire novel. You have such a beautiful gift with this art form. Thank you for sharing your poetic perspective. Best of Wishes–Lindsey V.

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey for your beautiful gift of words! I am truly humbled by your generosity. Oh, how your own love of language and inner Hierophant shines through in your poetic response. From that first time I picked up my pen to write poetry, my heart saw all poems as a form of condensed storytelling so your striking observation makes so much sense to me! I hope the day finds you well, and that your novel, “Lorelei” is going well. Warm wishes to you, Deborah.

  5. Ditto all that was said by Anna and Susanne, Deborah!

    The Hierophant certainly makes itself known through dreams – you’ve given me cause for pause. A few of my dreams have been so illuminating just recently. I’m still in process of delving into them but I thank the Hierophant for them.

    And words – can be like arrows piercing the heart in a good way and also in a destructive way. May our words always be kind and uplifting. Thank you for this lovely post Deborah. xx

    1. Thank you so much Susan for illuminating the mystical Hierophant even further, and for your truly poetic, tender-hearted reply. Under the cover of sleeping darkness, the Hierophant can weave such a magical, individuating spell. Although arising as either blessing or curse, as the tension of opposites within pull us in many directions.

      I’m not sure if you changed your mind on your St Valentine Day post because life events have taken over but I wanted to say that being with another, particularly during sleep and silence, is such a beautiful offering.

      It made my soul soar just to imagine you being that silent witness for your dear beloved friend. Watching her shedding skin after skin, of the person she once was, is such an exhausting, demanding yet deep honour.

      Witnessing her ‘becoming’ as the ego is conscientiously stripped away and a conversation with the soul begins in earnest. Beyond language, love and blessings to both your souls, Deborah. xx

        1. Dear Susan, I had feeling, thank you for letting me know. Sending you both love and light. In other news, your book “Aging & Becoming” arrived today, I’m beyond excitement! Waiting for the right moment to begin. Blessings always, Deborah. x

  6. From the moment I read your poetry I knew you were a story teller and a guiding light. Lovely work on the Hierophant, the Goddess within is strong in you.

    1. Thank you so much Anna for your lovely, kind-hearted words. “The Goddess within is strong in you” I’ve never heard that saying before BUT I like it, a lot! The stories I meet as I step into these cards are amazing. I’m off to meet those cosmic Lovers now! Sending you warm, early spring wishes, Deborah.

  7. My first thought after I read your post was: Oh yes, words are powerful… Do you know the quote of Patrick Rothfuss, writer of The Name of the wind?


    The hierophant sits and is waiting to judge. To weigh our words. Changing one word in a sentence can have dramatic effects. Judging can be good: we can make decisions faster, and sometimes you just have to decide quick, no doubt about it. Judging can be bad: if you judge another you can ruin many things. Quite some time ago, I wrote a nice article myself about the hidden meaning behind words. In the article is a link were you are able to type in a message and it gets analysed: http://mindfunda.com/hidden-meaning-behind-words-things-you-did-not-know-about-yourself/ It is very nice, give it a try!

    1. Hi Susanne, Thank you so much for your reading and reflecting on my Hierophant tarot poem. I haven’t come across the writer Patrick Rothfuss before so his words are new to me, great quote though … love his opening line, “pale shadows are forgotten names” just superb, deeply lyrical, poetic writing.

      Oh how your own love for language shines through every time you post! I really enjoyed your rich observations on the Hierophant and his weighing up of our words. Yes, I agree changing one word changes the entire meaning of a line … something this poet knows well!

      I’ve just read your post on hidden words, thanks for the link, it’s deeply fascinating and I hope to give it a go myself in the next few days Blessings always, Deborah.

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