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  1. So pleased to now be at my computer with a little time to re-read your beautiful prose Deborah! We’ve been away for a long while recently returned. Then, as now, I love The Fool right in the middle of the spread … or in the middle of the road, with her/staff in hand and the little dog tugging at her imagination, and she does not use her staff to chase her faithful servant away – or at least that is how I see that part of it.

    Walk proudly and courageously Deborah, tread where others fear to tread and please continue your beautiful writing to lead us into further and deeper realms …

    1. Thank you so much Susan for your wonderful musings here! I’m over the moon on how you perceive ‘The Fool’ to be in the middle of (life’s) open road, and the spread too … as I deliberately placed this card in the centre of the journey’ and will do the same for each of the tarot cards I write about. You’re also spot on re tugging of imagination. Oh how you polish the mirror of my soul, make my own words clearer to me!

      I hope your journey home went smoothly, loved the photos of Plettenburg Bay. Ha Ha! Especially the wooden dinosaur one! Please know that your support encourages me greatly! As I’ve started writing again I’ve re-joined the land of the little blue bird so may see you there too. I’ve finished the Magician, so will be posting again later. Blessings always, Deborah.

  2. Deborah, gorgeous and powerful. I know little about classical Tarot, but enough to appreciate the brave Fool in feminine form. Virtue, purity, sure she is protected by love. I could use some of that. Faith, courage, and playing the wild card, taking a risk. I need that even more.

    Ah, imagination! Recently, when doing dreamwork with Robert Bosnak, he told a friend, “Vic will send her a dream.” When I learned he’d said that, I told Robbie I didn’t understand what people meant when they referred to dead people as active agents s though they hovered around our lives like ghosts. Robbie said, “Vic was here dreaming with us for many years and working with this group in this room. I believe in the Imagination. He’s here in the Imagination with all of us, especially you.” I had an incredible healing dream that night–before knowing his comment about Vic. Magic!

    I have a surprisingly powerful Tarot deck from the 1960s called Morgan’s Tarot. Vic and I called it Hippie Tarot. We’ll throw the cards when we meet.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine for your wonderful, insightful feedback! You’ve put into clear-cut words something that I’d been struggling to explain to myself for ages after the death of one of our beloved (Jungian) dream circle members. Aha! She’s ‘in the Imagination’ with us, that makes so much sense! Just watched a short YouTube film with Robert, most interesting.

      I’ve never seen the Morgan Tarot deck before, so quickly googled and found an image of ‘Love’ and smiled as it looks just like the image I used for my poem, ‘The Poet’s Lovebirds.’ I’m hoping to post my next poem, The Magician very soon.

      Oh enjoy very much Saturday’s Women’s March my dear friend! For as we know, when women rise rooted and together, the whole world rises with them! Love and blessings, Deborah.

  3. I am in love! Tarot and poetry two of my favorite things. Great inspiration for writers of all kinds.

    1. Thank you so much Anna for your wonderful, inspiring words. This morning I’ve been working on the next card, The (alchemical) Magician as we speak. Blessings, Deborah.

  4. I agree January is a great time to start working with the tarot – I have used it for many years and do a new spread on the 1st of January each year to see what influences each month has in store for me. I work with it during the year also whenever I feel I need more insight into a situation or simply if my intuition guides me…but only for myself, I don’t do readings for others!

    Your description of the Fool in the positive and reversed is so beautifully worded, mirroring the mystery of the tarot with your descriptions. I love the way you have cast the fool in the role of yourself as the poet, making it your own unique journey… I shall look forward to the next magical stage!

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your wonderful feedback on my first poem in the ‘Poetry of the Tarot’ series, truly appreciated. I’m so pleased that you noticed that I cast myself (as the poet) in the role of the Fool, and (hopefully!) I’ll follow my entire Tarot journey this way with all 22 major arcana poems.

      For some reason I felt called to do my yearly spread last year, at the time of the autumn equinox … although January sounds about right, perhaps this is why I’m posting my tarot poems now. Although I’ve read for several friends, similar to yourself I read the cards mainly for myself. Yes, the poet will be meeting the Magician next! Blessings, Deborah.

  5. I love this, Deborah. Very inspiring. To approach life as the fool feels like the most creative, childlike, honest and trusting way to live. Yet, in a dualistic world such as ours, where cultural stereotypes and standards have a death-grip on the soul, it is also the most dangerous and courageous way to live. May we all find the middle way, our own way, between sense and nonsense, however these opposites may be defined. Blessings from an admirer of your poetry, Jeanie

    1. That’s so lovely of you Jeanie, thank you so much for your great comment! Your encouragement inspires me to continue writing this series. January feels the perfect time to kick off my Tarot journey, of which I’m hopeful to post all of the Major Arcana poems throughout this year.

      Oh how the tension of the opposites pull and wrench, always! Never tolerating much time for us to take that leap into the unknown, for fear of harm, or worse, death … and yet, jump we must, and believe that the net will appear … if we wish to move forward on our soul journeys.

      Dangerous and courageous, sense and nonsense … absolutely spot on! The middle way, oh yes please, and now the Lord of the Rings films and Middle Earth come to mind. What an inspiring image I find within your words. Blessings always, Deborah.

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