Poetry of the Tarot: The Empress

The Empress

Queen of Earth, sister of Heaven,
most peaceful, abundant Venus.
Each star upon her golden crown
merges her to the spiritual realm,
where her name is seen as desire,
flying on love, enclosed in wings.
A full and fruitful Earth Mother
who bids the poet her open arms.

Deeply female she loves to create,
bringing forth her ideas with joy.
Imagination, labours of true-love,
sit high upon her romantic heart,
where word-dreams come to life
and pulse within the poet’s yield.
She who is liberal with emotions.
She who affirms loving kindness.

In her darker aspect she inhabits
a tumble-down castle in the sky.
An emotional wreck, she wreaks
havoc with her harmful lifestyle.
Creatively, unable to conjure up,
she pushes her pen with distress.
No longer enrapturing the heart,
sickness and melancholy follow.

As the Empress bares all nature,
let us gaze in awe at her beauty,
inhale the love that encircles her.
See how she comforts us during
birth, decay, death and renewal.
For it is through her womb only
that the poet must pass to guide
each word towards the Emperor.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2016

14 thoughts on “Poetry of the Tarot: The Empress

    1. Thank you so much Otyllka for your wonderful comment and welcome to my poetry website. I love the Tarot and very much enjoyed undertaking my own Fool’s Journey.

  1. Hi Deborah! How much I enjoyed your ode to the Empress. Did you know that once upon a time me and my family visited the Tarot Town created by Nikki de Saint Phale? (http://mindfunda.com/tarot-garden-nikki-de-saint-phalle/) You would have loved it there as much as i did. The Empress was her kitchen, she lived in that garden. That is so symbolic isn’t it? Cooking is pure alchemy, transformation. Looking forward to the Emperor (Nikki had a thing or two against the Emperor, due to her relationship with her father).

    1. Wow! I would seriously love to visit that garden, the sculptures are sublime! And the fact that it’s all Tarot is amazing. The Empress is most definitely at home in her alchemical kitchen, how wonderful! Thank you for including the link to your article, I never knew such a place existed … what a wonderful trip you must have taken. Thank you so much Susanne for your generous words, truly appreciated. Warm wishes to you, Deborah.

  2. As I read, I try to understand the images through the astrological and Jungian symbolism I know well. Here, you’ve brought in Celestial Venus and linked her to creativity and Earth Mother. Love Creates! (I have great views of the Venus Mars conjunction out my windows when the skies are clear at night, so Venus is on my mind and in my heart these days.)

    I love the way you always include the dark side. Our passionate cravings easily become addictions and break us when we lose balance.

    Thank you for deepening my understanding of the Empress, the poet’s life, and Tarot. You do it all with the mystical poetry of a seer.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine for sharing your starry, Venusian heart! Alas, our evening skies have been cloudy these past nights, so not much star-gazing going on. Oh I love Venus, with her strong, singular starlight. She’s always impressive! Whenever I look up I search for the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) otherwise known as ‘home’ to chart all the other star constellations.

      I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the dark sides of each tarot card too. I felt it was equally important to explore each card in reverse … which helps me form the structure of the series. I’m learning with each card, as I step inside and meet the archetype and symbolism within. Can’t wait to sit down with the Emperor, love how Susan sees the Empress reaching out to him! Warm wishes to you, Deborah

  3. Hello! I’m reading right now! Lovely ode to the Empress Deborah! And good that you include her darker aspects of which I fall under sometimes. But like all opposites, the circle turns, enfolding us as She does. I have only to look out at my blooming garden and the darkening skies as a storm is about to shower us, with lightning, thunder, gorgeous rains, to know that She is ever present and reaches out to the Emperor.

    So happy to hear about The Scheherazade Chronicles and your willingness to contribute! Wonderful news! Blessings to everything!

    1. Thank you so much Susan, firstly for mentioning me to Carol, that’s so generous, and kind-hearted of you! And secondly, for your wonderful comments here on my Empress poem. Ah! Beautiful nature, full of light and dark, love it! Looking out to my garden, the buds are multiplying hourly, crocuses still pushing up their heads, and a robin, the only poet in residence, singing his heart out on my garden fence! “Reaching out to the Emperor” I hear you poet! Blessings always, Deborah.

  4. I love the Empress card, perhaps because her essence reminds me of my affinity to nature and the outdoors and how that feeds my creativity – she is a true Earth Mother indeed and you have again described her so well. I particularly like how you have defined her reversed – as I believe any disconnection with the land or our creativity can affect someone deeply in that way. Beautiful words Deborah.

    1. Many thanks Sophia for your rich reflections on the beautiful, abundant Empress. I agree, nature and creativity are divinely entwined. However, in reverse this sacred and healing connection is lost, with only mournful sickness to follow.

      Please know that your continual support encourages me greatly to remain journeying with the Tarot … now towards the Emperor himself! Blessings to you, Deborah.

  5. Unique tarot poetry, well done Deborah!

    Between the High Priestess and Emperor, I see the Empress slipping out of the Fool’s Journey into the heart of life. In my deck she’s hugely pregnant with ideas, and creativity.

    1. Thank you Anna, that’s so kind of you. If you follow my outer circle of cards you’ll see that I’ve laid out (hopefully!) in sequence, the entire Fool’s journey. Yes, I love her full, fruitful embodiment too. Warm winter wishes, Deborah.

  6. Dear Deborah,

    The Tarot being a long-time interest of mine, I love your Poetry of the Tarot. I am contacting you today here because I couldn’t find an email contact for you, and because Susan Scott recommended I contact you. My author friend T.J. Banks and I have just launched “The Scheherazade Chronicles,” an online literary review. I invite you to send us something of your work to publish. We seek quality, deep, well-thought-out, imaginative, well-written content – humor is welcome – to establish the foundation and set the standard for our publication. I agree with Susan that your work is an excellent match for “The Scheherazade Chronicles,” http://thescheherazadechronicles.org.

    You can send whatever you wish, within 2,500 words. I regret I cannot offer payment at this time; so, we must view it as promotional for your work. Everything published on “The Scheherazade Chronicles” goes out to Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and subscribers. You can send me something unpublished, something in the works or something already published. It doesn’t matter. Please send a brief bio with your piece, too, with website/blog link. Photos are accepted. Attach photos in jpeg format, manuscript in Word, please. I look forward to hearing from you and reading your work. At this stage of my life, 75, I especially like your poignant “Run the Symphony Backwards,” more so because I studied ballet for years and music is my first love. I often write to music.

    Carol Child

    1. Thank you so much Carol for your amazing comment to my Poetry of the Tarot series and your kindly invitation to post some of my work on your website. I’ve taken a fleeting visit there this morning and it looks incredible! I shall enjoy dipping in and out over the next few days and will definitely post you the poem you mention, “Run the Symphony Backwards” … oh I loved writing that one! Along with a brief bio in the next day or so. In the meantime here’s my name on Twitter @LiberatedSheep

      Susan, if you’re reading, wow! Thank you so much my dear friend, this is beyond kindness. What a great way to start my week! I’ve just drawn back the curtains and the dawn skies here are astonishing, a red-flower sunrise, a breathtakingly beautiful day! Okay back to rising and writing, for the Emperor awaits! Blessings always, Deborah.

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