Poetry of the Tarot: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Intent on finding her spiritual self
the poet presses the pause button,
a dazzling and dreamlike moment.
Hung upside down from one foot,
her standing in the world changes.
Suspended, she pauses till rebirth,
shadowing the pregnant darkness,
knowing she must die unto herself.

Many a saint and sinner will hang
until wakefulness arrests the heart.
In tension there is always paradox,
truth often hidden in the opposite.
Hold tight, we lose, let go, we win,
then oftentimes the reverse is true.
He who elects not to wear a watch.
He who knows time does not exist.

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Poetry of the Tarot: Justice


Behold Themis, Goddess of Justice!
In her right hand she holds a sword
revealing her swift and final action.
In her left hand she balances scales
showing us that, despite ambiguity,
fairness, honesty and law triumphs!
As ancient lessons of Karma return,
long forgotten debts are assembled.

Where justice, love and mercy meet,
we are shown the error of our ways.
Make no mistake dear tarot student,
we are each answerable for our sins.
Right must be balanced with wrong
as the poet moves along her journey.
She who tenders female compassion.
She who shows male determination.

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Poetry of the Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

As the wheel of life turns round,
sentient beings gather to watch
the encircling Goddess Fortuna,
spiralling in everlasting motion.
Blind to any justice in this world
she selects the fortunes of others
by revolving our lives endlessly,
drawing us to her horn of plenty.

No matter how Fortune favours
we can never escape our destiny.
Instead we must learn to adapt,
welcome the fickle finger of fate.
Bless each rotation of the wheel
where we meet our karmic debt.
She who surrenders to the flow.
She who endures dark and light.

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Poetry of the Tarot: The Hermit

The Hermit

Sat for years on a dark red sofa
in a magical cloak of invisibility,
the poet travels to interior cities
to find sound inside her silence.
Through each hour of quietness
she meets hidden storms within,
knowing they need to be visited
for her to witness true revelation.

Make no mistake this is a lonely,
isolating path through solitude,
where we leave the cover of ego
and honour our wisdom within.
As we reflect on the divine light,
we encounter enlightening love.
He who sees past life’s illusions.
He who seeks his passage alone.

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