Poetry of the Year - June

After June skips herself in
everything is much quieter
in the ancient woodlands,
save the trembling aspens
in their gowns of green.
Summer releases her spell
and each bright hour lingers
long past our evening walk.

Mother Earth moves closer
to golden-faced Father Sun,
while dappled light falls on
the purple fairy foxgloves,
setting the woods aflame.
With the warm strength
of our sun-ripened hearts,
we too stand tall and proud.

Under June’s scented skies
everything smells of summer,
with her fragranced roses
and heavenly honeysuckle
anointing the gentle breeze.
As the fair Goddess Juno
begins her golden reign,
the river sings a sweet song.

With pockets full of flowers
there is nothing left to do
in the garden of summer,
than lay in the living light
and dream of enchantment.
Upon Midsummer’s Eve
know the queen of the fairies
dances from dusk to dawn.


Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2019

22 thoughts on “June

  1. Instantly recognisable Sissinghurst.
    Many happy memories of a beautiful day spent there with you.
    Enjoying these monthly poems x

    1. What a lovely surprise to see you here Gael! Thank you so much for your kind-hearted words. Yes, happy memories of a beautiful day and ha-ha! ‘teaspoons’ if memory serves me right! Love and light, Deborah. x

  2. Dearest Poet Deborah,
    Thank you for filling me with spiritual and sensual beauty. I’m reminded of Voluptas, the child of Eros and Psyche. Summer has released her spell in an ocean of green here with cold rainy weather. The green defies the cold with bird songs, flowers, and lupines. Today is Vic’s death anniversary and my honoring of him and the Green Man. I love thinking of this green as the child of Mother Earth and Father Sun as they make love on the land. I will dance around a fire on Summer Solstice to music played by my son and his friends. I’ll play the role of Hecate watching, witnessing, and dancing with all phases of the moon. The Crone will find her place at the celebration of this fertile season. With love and gratitude, Elaine

    1. Thank you so much Dear Elaine for your beautiful, spirited reply! Yes, green (the love child of Mother Earth and Father Sun … oh, I love that!) has filled in the spaces in the woodlands and at the back of my garden too. It’s like all the trees and bushes have shuffled up closer and joined branches for a mass of leafy greenness. I hope yesterday was a wonderful day when you were able to make an even deeper loving, soulful connection to your beloved Vic on the anniversary of his passing.

      Ah, dancing around the fire (with fairies and musicians in tow!) is a wonderful, ancient Solstice tradition. May Mother Moon, following her “Strawberry” fullness on the 18th (how appropriate for the month of June!) shine bright for you all that night! I love all the myths you refer too, especially Hecate. Just the mention of her name and my ears tingle with delight … and you my dear friend, you channel her Crone energy so well! Love and light, Deborah.

  3. Deborah, this is such a true and beautifully poetic picture of June. “Under Junes scented skies everything smells of summer…” how apt for me reading this and walking, on the first day of meteorological summer, through cooling ancient woodlands with honeysuckle enveloping hawthorn and being greeted by a plethora of wild roses, their heady fragrance filling the air, as I stepped back into the heat of mid-afternoon sunshine.

    It is an enchanting time indeed and one of wonder as all of nature comes to a crescendo for the Solstice – and now I shall reflect on this as I lay in the living light in my garden and soak up our summer sun with a cooling drink!!

    Thank you Deborah for another wonderful written image of the natural year, love and light, Sophia.

    1. Your answer comes in the form of a beautiful poem itself! Thank you so much Sophia for your most generous and graceful reply. Oh, I adore the heavenly honeysuckle now rising in many a woodland and hedgerow and I agree, the (summer) scent of the wild rose is far more delicious than many a garden variety! Save May’s bluebells and garlic, June is definitely turning into the most scented month of the year so far.

      Hmm, as my mind turns to a cooling summer drink, Pimms, lemonade and strawberries comes to mind! Yum! How do you celebrate the Summer Solstice? Do you have a ritual or location that you visit? Or light a bonfire? Dance with the fairies? Be great to know!

      Many thanks for journeying through the year with me. I look forward to catching up with you in hazy, smoky July! Love and light, Deborah.

      1. Haha…dancing with fairies! Well, maybe not dancing with them but in the absence of any local stone circles I always like to spend the day in nature walking in either woodland or downland to contemplate and celebrate the turning of the year…and yes I think there are fairies and a few piskies present along the way :))

  4. Ah, I’ve been waiting for your poem Deborah – and so worth the wait, bursting alive with colour and energy while at the same time long, slow and meandering. Thank you, it’s beautiful.

    We returned home yesterday to the highveld (Johannesburg) after being away in the lowveld for a few days, where it was beautifully warm and where we were, on a private farm was just so glorious with its extraordinary plantations of plants and flowers and orchids galore. But I mention this only to say that it is now COLD here on the highveld but I was so pleased to see my roses budding! The cold spurt officially heralding Winter has urged the buds to bloom. Have a wonderful weekend – Love, light, warmth to you ..

    1. Thank you so much Susan for journeying through each month of the year with me and for being such a wonderful companion! As we in the north (hemisphere) enter summer, you now enter winter … and the Wheel of the Year keeps on turning.

      Even in a country as small as ours (UK) the difference in temperature and the onset of each season varies greatly. For example, today in Scotland it’s around 14 degrees and where we live (in the south) its presently 24 degrees. Yet it’s the north and her mountainous terrain that holds my heart!

      June is most certainly the month for roses here and on cue my own have burst open this weekend! This photo was taken in the beautiful White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle and used Vita Sackville West’s (almost fairytale!) writing tower as a backdrop. As a gardener you would love it Susan! It’s a beautiful location, deeply inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend yourself. Sending much love, light and warmth back to you, Deborah.

  5. I have read six poems and they are wonderful! You personify the months and bring them magically to life and both paint a picture and tell a story at once – I am hoping to learn from you.

    1. Thank you so much Bookworm for your wonderful feedback. This is the first time I’ve written monthly (nature) poems and I’m learning so much more about the seasons than ever before … in fact there’s a part of me that would like to do this again and again because of the depth, beauty and richness that nature offers us all!

      Shortly I’ll be pulling on my walking boots and heading off out for a long walk, can’t wait! Here in the UK we’re having such a beautiful June 1st. Wherever you are I hope you have a great day too! Love & light, Deborah.

  6. Aha! Tis the return of the Sun King and the golden Goddess Juno. I have to say that fairies are not the only ones who love music and dance as your poem ‘June’ calls to mind the long drawn out day, bonfires ablaze and the hypnotic rhythm of drums.. connecting all to the vitality of summer at her peak. I doff my cap dear poet. HF

    1. Greetings Dear Poet! Drumming, bonfires and dancing fairies … oh, thank you so much Henry for amplifying all that magickal June and midsummer holds sacred! I love your “long drawn out day” description of Solstice. Doffing duly returned and hmm, time for another poem I’d say! Love & light, Deborah.

  7. Deborah, thank you for helping us celebrate the wild magic of June. If the queen of the fairies is doling out wishes, a summer romance would be at the top of my list!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and wisdom. All the best, Anna.

    1. A summer romance?! Ha-ha! You always make me smile Anna and my wish for you is that your wish comes true! Many thanks for helping me share more of the wild magick of June today with your wonderful gift of words. Love & light, Deborah.

        1. Yes, yes & yes again! Vita’s writing tower gave it away no doubt. Sissinghurst is one of the prettiest feathers in the National Trust’s crown I feel and during June the White Garden just explodes with grace and beauty. A truly magickal place! x

  8. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.
    You gave me a marvellous and splendid picture of every month which I haven’t seen or been aware of.
    Yet, I enjoy them more deeply than ever. Thank you, dear Deborah.

    1. What a joy you are Aladin, thank you so much for your kind and generous words! Yay! June has finally arrived and here in the UK it’s going to be a beautiful, fine day. Love & light, Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much Claire for your loveliest of replies. The beautiful sparkle and vitality of June has arrived! Whatever you’re up to this weekend enjoy. Love & light, Deborah.

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