Holy Night

2009_07_22_1133 bw lores 17s ca Holy Night

It was not the flock of stars
in her eyes, falling from the sky,
resting upon the sea that led me.
It was not her voice pure as prayer,
a mist embracing, caressing,
dancing slowly that delivered me.
It was not her smile that drifted
silently across my spirit, the fire
of a new star sparkling that carried me.

It was the sound of her soul, washing
over me, a hushed whisper,
a silver stream of cascading lights
shimmering across the Holy Night.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2014

24 thoughts on “Holy Night

  1. This one made me smile Deborah. To be able to convey the depth of love is difficult in the best of times. This one flowed like a fine wine to me. Nice one! Xxx

    1. Or as smooth as (my favourite tipple!) Baileys and ice! Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind-hearted comment. I’m so pleased that these words spoke to you, it is more than any poet could ever hope for. xxx

  2. Exquisite, Deborah. I feel the whispering and see the eyes. It all calls me, especially those stars. My mind wanders to the Egyptian sky goddess Nut who births the sun and all of us from the east and consumes us in the west so we can make another revolution through her body and the 12 hours of the night. In this Egyptian myth, the stars we see at night are souls within Nut’s body.

    Your poem may have been a response to a specific person or love experience, but it takes me to the Celestial. I love to imagine the great Sky Goddess holding the Milky Way and all those who have died within her body. Holy Night and Love.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Elaine for your truly amazing, inspiring response which comes to me in the form of beautiful poetic prose. You write of sky, stars, Milky Way … oh tis such a holy, goddess given night indeed! I absolutely love all the mythology surrounding the celestial goddess Nut and your words, once more, gently nudge me to seek her out. You have such a beautiful, poetic writing style my friend! Blessings always, Deborah.

  3. What a beautiful love poem – your words flow gently through it and go straight to the soul. Many poets take verse after verse to pronounce their love but this is so simple and powerful it says all any lover would need to know in a few beautifully worded lines. Words fail me – this has got to be one of my favourites from your excellent book – just wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your beautiful review of my poem, alongside your on-going support of my poetry. I’m delighted that this love poem speaks to you, it is more than any poet could ask for. And I’m thrilled that you picked up on the love theme, for it was love alone that guided my left hand, the day I wrote this. Blessings always, Deborah.

  4. Beautiful. “It was the sound of her soul…” This is why I love your poetry. How can a soul have a sound? But it paints such a beautiful picture of how a person can affect another in very much the same way as music, straight to the soul in a powerful way (such that regular words cannot describe). Have you written in poetic prose before? I am drawn to that style and need to give it a try myself, but there’s not much of a poet in me. I think you would write absolutely terrific poetic prose. 🙂 Best of wishes–Lindsey V.

    1. Wow! That’s such a beautiful comment and to my mind Lindsey you always write poetically! Can I greatly encourage you to give poetry a go? Let your inner poetess have the pen while you sit back and listen to her sing! Oh I have always loved the lyrical, melodic feel of poetry … thank you so much for your generous gift of words. Blessings, Deborah.

  5. Morning Deborah. I am on the balcony in Plettenberg Bay (SW Cape in SA) – it’s very early still, I’ve been up a bit. I’m looking over to the sea straight ahead and misty mountains to the left. I read your poem yesterday and was struck by its beauty and simplicity and am re-reading it now when all is quiet and still and am again struck by its beauty and simplicity – it is sparkly and energetic while still and calm – Thank you.

    1. Good morning Susan. I have to say I went straight to ‘google images’ to have a look at where you are this morning. Wow! Plettenberg Bay is so beautiful. I also live by the sea so truly appreciate the awesome might, power and beauty of those living waters. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, much appreciated. I hope the day finds you well. Warm winter wishes, Deborah.

  6. Hey! I wish someone would write me something that makes my heart leap with such delight! I love this poem from start to finish. Deborah, I’ve decided that, “your beautiful heart is a work of art!” Love, a subject that has inspired generations of poets and artists for centuries. A true love poem that transcends beauty. Thank you for all your thoughtful words last week.

    1. A huge welcome to my website Lily. Thank you once more for your great response to my poetry book, and to this poem. Please know that your gift of words are cherished. I feel entirely fortunate to have encountered a small group of warm, like-minded souls here in the blogosphere. Warm winter wishes, Deborah.

  7. This is BEAUTIFUL poetry Deborah!!!
    It makes me remember the first time I read it in the book. Another poem for all the lovers out there!
    Your words of love are almost tangible…. like I can reach out and touch them. I find myself hugged when reading if that makes sense.
    Great picture! “of her soul, washing over me” I enjoy visiting waterfalls they are such a happy and peaceful place to be.. “silver stream of cascading lights” your mix of picture and words are just right.
    A perfect Christmas poem!

    1. Claire, you are always so generous with your feedback on my poems, thank you so much dear poet! I just love how you ended with ‘a perfect Christmas poem’ … Aww! Many, many thanks and Greetings of the Season to you! Waterfalls, yes am in complete agreement, oh the sheer beauty of them is just incredible, hard to believe! Blessings always, Deborah.

      1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind if I ask where you took your picture, if that’s ok Deborah? And why do you only post black and white ones on your blog….are you going to post any colour? I’m curious lots of questions I know.

        1. Hi Claire, that’s ok, I recognise that you’ve always been drawn to the photos as well … this one was taken in Scotland, UK somewhere along the North West border with England … I checked my photo files and it says it was taken not far from Hadrian’s Wall.

          Re: Black and white images … a couple of reasons, firstly when I was introduced to fine art photography many years ago I fell in love with the monotone look and secondly, they represent in Jungian terms, ‘Shadow’ and ‘Light’ which I’m forever trying to integrate!

          No, I don’t think I’ll be posting any colour stuff on my blog … Ha-ha! As I need to focus on that integration which is also why my poetry book is black and white too. Hope this makes more sense! Thanks for asking, Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much Taruna for your wonderful words, truly appreciated. Sending you warm winter wishes, Deborah.

  8. Hi Deborah, “Holy Night” is a stunning poem. A poem that deserves to be read and reread several times. Even though I do not write poetry myself, I believe that poetry lends itself well to be spoken out loud – heard and not seen. I have recounted this short poem to friends who love it. Thank you and please don’t stop sharing your gift to the world. All the best, your new reader, Liz.

    1. That’s so generous of you, thank you so much Liz! For months now I have playing with the idea of recording my poems … but haven’t quite got there yet, I think you’re giving me the push I need! Thanks for sharing my work with others, I did chuckle (on last post) when you said about the guy on the train! ‘My new reader’ … that’s so lovely of you, thank you once more. Warm greetings, Deborah.

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