The Healing Light of Ancestral Love

The Healing Light of Ancestral Love

Here on the long nights of the year,
in the darkest hours of mid-winter,
I call upon those wise, loving ones,
those radiant, bright elevated souls
whose names are beyond my reach.
Those who are well in spirit, come
and shine your healing light of love
all the way down my ancestral line.
Far past the ruinous family shadow
of madness, violence and addiction,
towards my true ancestral blessings
of creativity, healing and devotion.

By nightfall I am blessed with vision,
yet where does this gift come from?
From another, I am shown, long ago.
She who wears the cloak and hood,
another greying witch in the family,
native to the same red river of birth.
Made up from blood, bone and stars
whose eyes I cannot completely see,
who called to me as I turned to death.
She who whispered inside my head,
she who whispered inside my heart,
“It’s not your time, it’s not your time.”

“Go light the lamp by midnight’s door,
open the old scrapbook of your heart,
offer heartfelt prayers to the ancestors,
listen to the ghosts of Christmas past.
You were called to become a shepherd,
you knew this from the start,” she cries.
“You who turned us away years ago.
Do you remember when we gathered
each and every night to keep you safe,
while tribal madness descended below.”
Now as I summon those ancient faces,
I remember the gathering and the fear.

On this cold, clear, crisp winter night
let our souls ascend our family trees,
hang out with their saints and sinners.
Watch as each related branch widens
with new life birthed by olden hands.
Within each tree let our burdens arise
to meet our blessings in its branches.
Come let us honour the ancient roots
and sing to the spirit of our ancestors.
Let us offer up prayers as reverence,
let us offer up our hands and hearts,
let us weave together as the veil thins.

Dear elders help us find the courage
to dance in darkness, to rebirth light.
Help us to heal deep family burdens.
Help us sit in peace on this still night.
Help us bow to our ancestral wounds
and bow to the wounds of others,
for all are born to wounded parents
with old family stories being retold.
Let us meet the truth of who we are,
let us stay until we understand love,
show us where our work comes from,
for all is discovered in the family tree.

As the living face of our ancestors,
the result of the love of thousands,
we know it is time to stop and face
those lost, lonely, earthbound souls,
help them soar with new vibration.
Let us light candles, say their names,
offer up midwinter’s ritual flowers,
holly, mistletoe and first snowdrops.
Spirits of the air, spirits of the earth,
above us, beside us and around us,
let our holy hearts know themselves
as the healing light of ancestral love.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2017
Image Credit: Google Images

Dear Poets and Dreamers, Thank you so much for your continual love, inspiration and support. May
your Solstice night hold bright the healing light of ancestral love! Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.

16 thoughts on “The Healing Light of Ancestral Love

  1. Deborah, as a poet you forever tap the ancestral pulse. You teach us how to heal and raise our vibration. We cannot go forward until we look back. Your superb poem is perfectly timed for the winter solstice as this is where that symbolic interplay of dark and light takes place. Wishing you both a very merry Christmas!!! HF.

    1. Oh I like that, “the ancestral pulse” hmm, only another poet would baptise it that! Thank you so much Henry for your wonderful review of my Solstice poem. I hope the day finds you well and you’re busy foraging those winter hedgerows! With Christmas almost upon us, sending you much love and light, Deborah.

  2. Oh, Deborah, I’m grateful for this poem today. It comes when I need it as I try to balance the sweet and protective darkness of the earth with the destructive darkness of political and natural disaster in my land. You send healing and good medicine.

    I don’t have the childhood family traumas you’ve had, but I’m a woman who loves the Darkness in a world that loves glaring harsh light. I descended from a line of compliant women who surrendered to the will of men to keep the peace–but there were a few including my Dutch paternal grandmother who were powerful and not afraid to express themselves.

    These lines are a prayer I’ll offer tomorrow in my quiet Solstice ritual.
    “Dear Elders, let us find the courage
    To dance in darkness, to rebirth light”

    Thank you again, dear beautiful soul and exquisite poet.

    1. Happy Solstice Day my dear friend! I’m so pleased my words reached you at a time when you needed to hear them most. I think for many poets this is the greatest praise they’ll ever receive! Re: Politics, our friend Martha C, is currently collecting dreams about Trump, so when you visit her blog and read about Trump at the rodeo with his blond wig being ripped off by a beautiful chestnut mare … you’ll be reading one of mine! Thank you, in my own small way, and with the help of my bright, elevated ancestors, I do hope I’ve been sending out healing and good medicine.

      Oh I can relate so much to women who love the darkness in a world that loves harsh light! You describe well in a few words the reality of my introverted, nature-loving, poetical Self! Although we don’t share the same traumas I’ve come to understand that everybody’s pain is real and this is where hearts and souls can speak the same language, and share their own “Mother” and “Father” wounds … still here in the middle of life I feel, as I wrote in my “Dear Mother, Dear Father” poem, now is the time to let more childhood pain go and consent to the Soul’s evolution.

      Thank you so much Elaine for the gift of your beautiful, heartfelt words! Please know they are received with love and light always. Warm and wild blessings to you, Deborah.

  3. Well, I seldom say that a ‘post could not have arrived at a better time’ – maybe once or twice before. But I am saying this now Deborah and thank you from the bottom of my heart. For me, in the grip of something despairing, this is what I needed to hear, articulated so perfectly in the words of the poet. Beyond all that is despairing is the call of what is always there, to shine a light, of healing, and warmth in amongst the cold sharp stinging needles of frost.

    May the spirits of the air and earth touch all of us in their healing light of ancestral love …

    Thank you Deborah … may your pen continue weaving your words.

    1. What JOY you bring to this poet’s heart! Thank you so much Susan for your beautiful, poetic reply! And for my words to arrive in your hour of need I feel most deeply honoured. It’s so wretched to read of your despair, to learn of your dark night of the soul. In such times I always, always turn to my poet friends, old and new … they have never let me down, ever, especially when I need to find the right words, when I have nothing but a howling heart left within. Warm and wild blessings to you my dear friend, Deborah.

  4. Oh, my, Deborah. This touches my heart deeply. Especially the fifth stanza. Would that we could understand the deep ancestral roots of our struggles. Maybe we’d be a bit easier on ourselves, less quick to carry all the burden and blame on our own shoulders.This season feels like the perfect time for remembering this. Thank you for calling it to mind. Your gift is a blessing to me.

    Wishing you blessings of love, joy and peace this holiday.


    1. As your words are a true blessing to me Jeanie! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, deep gratitude. I wrote this poem in two parts, the first three verses relate to my own family, ancestors and tree … verses four to six, hopefully relate more universally and the lessons I’m learning at present with the work.

      Yes, the winter holidays are definitely the time for us all to remember that much of what we interpret as bad behaviour is coming down the ancestral lines due to its blessings and burdens not being known about or perhaps those trapped ancestral souls not yet elevated.

      There is so much to say here, in my reply to Sophia I’ve left an Amazon link to a wonderful book on the subject of ancestral healing that I thoroughly enjoyed. Sending you back much love, peace and joy too, Deborah.

  5. What a wonderful surprise awaited me in my inbox today – a new and very beautiful poem whose timing is so fitting as these short dark days reach a climax.

    First of all Deborah I have to comment on the image you have chosen – how magnificent and such a magical picture of the ancient Deer Mother who flew across our skies to signify the rebirth of the sun at the Winter Solstice by carrying its light in her horns (as well as the moon and the stars!!). This is the perfect image to accompany your poem of rebirth and light.

    In all of our blood lines, no matter how challenging ours and our parent’s lives have been, there are ancestors who were touched by more love than madness or violence. By calling upon them we can heal our own hearts when we are on our knees, as well as the spirits of those who have passed but are trapped here by their anger and hatred. You have described beautifully the struggle that could so easily have led you along the wrong path yet I particularly love the fourth verse – the words are so uplifting, a battle cry from the heart!!

    At this time of year loss is felt so much more strongly, I feel that these words call out to all of those who feel trapped in their family madness to turn and call to their ancestors for the healing light of love to heal the family wounds at this festive time.

    As always Deborah you have woven your words so beautifully to produce such a positive and insightful poem which is perfect for the approaching Solstice celebration, thank you. May your Solstice be peaceful and filled with light.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your truly wonderful gift of words. After many busy weeks today I finally found some time to sit down and write so this one may be a little rough around the edges. Yes, the reindeer image is amazing isn’t it! The “Deer Mother” I love that divine, mythical story so much! Here’s a link for those interested in reading more …

      I have learnt through my ancestral studies to call only those bright, elevated ones, those who can help heal my ancestral line. Even if we have to go back thousands of years, all the way back to Avalon, there’ll be a great spirit and guide there waiting, and wanting to help us. I agree calling on the ancestors help us all shine more of that beautiful healing light upon our holy hearts.

      Those spirits that remain trapped here, earthbound, lost and lonely, or worse deeply disturbed cause many, many problems within each family. Addiction, madness and violence are just three of the ways in which ancestral havoc is wreaked. “A battle cry from the heart!” that’s such a great description! If you’re interested in this subject here’s a link to a great book I recently read Ancestral Healing by Daniel Foor

      Yes, the winter holidays in particular, being at the very end of the year, are so challenging and festive for many families. I wrote this poem in two parts, the first is personal, all about my own family, the second half is universal, written for all. Telling again how many a saint and sinner hangs out and hides out in all family trees. Ancestral healing is such a vast and deeply interesting subject, there’s so much to say! Do check out Daniel’s book, so worthwhile.

      Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.

      1. Thank you so much for the link to the book Deborah – it makes so much sense to communicate with our ancestors, not just to heal problems but also for insight into many aspects of our lives. I think the perception of many is that it involves being a part of a weird or wacky group, yet it is just another tool, on the healing journey of our souls, that is accessible to all. There are a number of sinners in my family tree and I would love to learn more about the saints so that book is going to the top of my must read list!!

        1. Yay! “Ancestral Healing” by Daniel Foor is a magical book … why not leave a wishlist out for Mother Christmas! It’s all too easy to blame the parents, the grandparents when most families’ burdens (and blessings) can go back ten, twenty or more generations. Yes, ancestor work is another sacred tool for the journey of the Soul. Hmm, now I wonder how many other poets can be found sitting in the branches of my own family tree …

  6. Another great poem for your second collection Deborah, well done!! In my family recurring madness can be traced back five generations. Poetry as prayer by “the shepherd’s daughter” who takes us on a journey back to the dawn of life. All the best, Anna.

    1. Oh you noticed! I recently changed my novel title after a wonderful conversation held at my Jungian (UK) dream group, which is run by “The Blacksmith’s Daughter” herself. It felt natural to update the title following my “Dear Mother, Dear Father” poem. Appreciatively, the Soul continues to evolve. Thank you so much Anna for reviewing my ancestral poem and for your generous words. Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.

        1. You are most generous Anna, thank you so much! Dysfunction within families (however defined) is incredibly common, and most, if not all of us, come from such wounded families … hmm, going back many generations, perhaps even tens of thousands of years. So our bloodline is still relevant today … for example this poem has been written by many, many loving and guiding (ancestral) hands.

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