In Full Flower

In Full Flower

Last night I dreamt I was a running stream with tumbling water
falling from my lips, and you, you were the hidden flower, a
compacted centrefold pressed deep inside my book of
hours, where an ancient summer burned and
petals scattered themselves, like soft
scented leaves, soaked in the
light of love that floated
across each page of
our everlasting
verse, this
much I know:
leads to

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2015

20 thoughts on “In Full Flower

  1. Maybe I told my writing teacher about you (although I don’t think so)–or she found you on her own. She isn’t on twitter where I usually share your poems. Last week, she shared a quote from Deborah Gregory for a spark: “…this much I know. everything leads to You.” Synchronous small world again. Blown away as I turn what I wrote into a blog…

    1. Wow! What a beautiful, spiritual and deeply connected world we live in! I’m delighted that my words-flutes have flown across the wide oceans between us and found their way to your homeland. Pure synchronicity! Thank you so much Elaine for sharing this graceful moment with me, I’m bowled over with happiness. This much I know my dear friend, everything leads to you! Blessings always, Deborah.

      1. Sweetness. I just sent an email to my writing teacher to hear her side of the story–after I remembered telling her I’d shared a submission with you so looked back at all those email exchanges. Ellen was the other woman who read the Jung piece before I submitted it. I hadn’t mentioned your name or said anything other than you were a twitter friend, poet, and loved Jung. Maybe she found you from that description (without your name or the name of your book?), but I doubt it. The plot thickens. I’ll let you know more when I know more.

        I doubt you celebrate Mother’s Day in England (it originated as a group of women against war during the American Civil War and became completely commercial and saccharine). I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day anyway–of the most Divine sort.

        1. As we follow the thread through the labyrinth we re-discover the heart connection between us all. I’ll look forward to hearing all about it! Ellen is a beautiful name, which derives from “light, torch and bright” so radiance and illumination will be a great part of her purpose in this world. Thank you so much for sharing the divine mystery of life with me today!

          Mother’s Day in the UK takes place in the month of March and we celebrate it mainly with gifts of cards, flowers and chocolates! It’s a day of diverse emotions for me as I look down my ancestral line, and forward to my daughters, and then within to my own mother complex. “Begin Again” is a poem dedicated to the Mothers, all of them. Warm wishes, Deborah.

  2. Everything leads to you . . . That’s really rather magical and wonderful and consuming. This one put a great big smile on my face. Thank you. Xxx

    Damn maths – I have to keep going back! Lol

    1. Ha-ha! I often get the answer wrong or have count on my fingers! Poets eh?!

      Thank you so much Bathsheba, it was a joyful day that week to chance upon this beautiful flower in full-bloom. xxx

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey for your beautiful gift of words, truly appreciated. ‘Lines that cascade like water’ oh my goddess how I love the poets … brilliant telling!

  3. Deborah, leads us to the heart of the matter. The lines a compacted centerfold pressed deep inside/my book of hours/where an ancient summer burned…

    Well simply superb.

    Where do we go, when we let love lead the way, whether past or present, whether in dreams or reality, I guess to the “everlasting verse.”
    Ahh, Deborah so heartfelt.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Steve for your truly heart-warming and most generous comment that comes (as often is the case) in the reply of a poem. Oh how I love the poets! I love this … ‘Where do we go, when we let love lead the way …’ Beautiful and poetic.

      On the subject of ‘books’ am hoping your postie will be delivering a certain poetry book any day now?! Do let me what you think … am hoping to inspire and motivate you to finish writing yours, which I will treasure evermore dear poet. Blessings, Deborah

  4. Funny just read this (in book) notice you’ve centred it… looks great especially with flowers. More love poems… .Cool!! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Just had to run upstairs and take a look myself, I see what you mean … yes, I thought it looked better centre aligned on the page. Here on my blog I am merging my words with images, this is a new creative challenge for me and I have to say I’m really loving it! I came across this beautiful flower in full bloom over the weekend and knew it was perfect for this poem. Thanks Claire! 🙂

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