The First Rose of Spring

The First Rose of Spring

One soft spring day
In middling March
A gentle butterfly
Alighted upon the
Most glorious flower
She had ever seen
Startled by her attraction
To this beautiful flower
The butterfly at first shied away
Not sure of what she was feeling
Having both weathered many brave storms
They danced in delightful words
The butterfly was enchanted
And enjoyed being around the flower
Soaking up the love light & laughter
Of this truly inspirational flower

The flower spoke:

“With ever changing colours
I am the flower, the Rose
Come to me beautiful butterfly
In tongues of flame
Taste me
For the sun is in your mouth
I want your moving breathing flesh
I want to roll over
And push myself into you
Naked and not ashamed
Touch me
And send my heart
Shattering through my body

Descend upon me and I
Shall open my silken petals for you
Create the space you need
Lie on me and let me
Stoke your fiery furnace
As I close my petals around you
Loving you, holding you, healing you
I shall know…
I’m loving, holding and healing myself”

The butterfly replied:

“Feel me, know me
The butterfly flourishes on passion
It is the energy that drives her on
To help her remember who she really is
From far, far away flower
I heard the crying of your heart
Seen the searching of your soul
Felt the falling of your petals
I have been travelling for many years
Often taking the wrong path
Until last night…and through
A forest of red roses
A field of buttercups
Woodland of bluebells
Beneath the pale silver moon
I have found You…”

The flower smiled
Looking into her lover
She saw the shimmer in her eyes
Of a thousand butterflies

“Tender flower touch me, touch me
Trace away the years
Love me, love me
Feel the winds of heaven
Brush against my tears
Hold me close, touch me slow
Let the feeling between us grow”


Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2015
Image Credit: Google Images

22 thoughts on “The First Rose of Spring

  1. Thank you for posting this again, Deborah. I love it again and this time I enjoyed my own comment. Maybe it was this poem that made me sure you would understand my dialogue with the inner lover. Thank you, Deborah. Thank you, Eros.

    1. What pure joy to see you here today Elaine, thank you so much for your lovely comment … I’m truly delighted you reread yours (and mine!) words and savoured them! Inner lover dialogues, yes, I understand and hope you’re still coasting to that beautiful finish line!

  2. This is such a beautifully penned write and is such a pleasure to read. The imagery of the butterfly and the rose are breath taking Deborah. Thenceforth the flower spoke – the thought and creative inspiration behind this has astounded me. Exquisite poetry. As always, your talent fascinates me. All the best, Liz.

    1. ‘Thenceforth’ … oh considerable word swooning going on here! Thank you so much Liz for your beautiful, and most generous comment, truly appreciated. As you know I am deeply inspired by Mother Nature and imagery, and love the symbolism of the Butterfly and the Rose. I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and come back so much more relaxed and refreshed. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  3. awwww beautiful Deborah! I love it! You touch my heart my soul. You said it all. This is one of the most romantic and tender poems I’ve read in a long time. What a relief! These words are real, you feel them in your heart.

    1. That’s so lovely of you soulcatcher! Thank you so much for your truly delightful comment and a warm welcome to my poetry blog. For many (I think) the Butterfly and the Rose are two symbols which the heart and soul, passionately respond too. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. It takes a beautiful soul to write such poetry. In a world filled with such hate and angst, it is truly refreshing to read your poems.

    Do you mind if at some point we mention your poetry in a post? I think people need to read about how it is to truly love someone. Consensual intimacy and partnership is what a good relationship has. I think people too often are fed stories or poems about tumultuous relationships and they mistakenly believe that only then are they on the path of “true love.”

    Best of wishes–Lindsey V.

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey for your beautiful response to my poem, I’m deeply touched by your wonderful gift of words. This is one of my all-time favourite love poems, an absolute joy to write and still deeply relevant for me all these years later. I’m so pleased that you adore it too, yes, more than happy for you to mention my poetry in a post. Truly humbled, and deeply honoured by such an invitation.

      Fortunately, some wise person told me that often in life we have to find out what we don’t want first, in order to find out what we do want. I never forgot her words, and the deep karmic truth behind them as I walked away from the darkness, into light … where one day in middling March … well you know the rest! Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  5. Thank you for the luscious magical eroticism of Nature on your poet’s tongue. It’s delightful to feel the sensuousness of this, the beauty of flowers and butterflies in poetic embrace. I need to have an intimate talk with my inner lover. 😉
    Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your beautiful imagination.

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed this poem Elaine, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Oh my goddess ‘poetic embrace’ what a delightful dance of words those two are now conjuring up in my mind. Truly, your reply comes in the form of a poem itself dear poet! Warm spring wishes, Deborah.

  6. What can I say? This is pure class. Just fantastic thank you.
    Did you leave twitter? I can’t find you.

    1. Benjamin, I left a couple of weeks back. My heart just wasn’t in Twitter! Thank you for your great comment & fabulous book review, I’ve just seen it. Welcome to my poetry blog, alongside published poems you’ll find other posts on my Jungian studies and some new work. Happy reading, Deborah.

  7. This is such a beautifully crafted description of you and your partners coming together…I can feel the love oozing out of every line – what a love story!! The visual imagery using nature to tell both your stories leaves me speechless – it’s impossible to quote a favourite verse, I am totally knocked out by the whole piece!! I’ve said this before but you truly are a wonderful weaver of words.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your truly wonderful response to my poem. As you know I am divinely inspired by Mother Nature, an inspiration which seems to deepen as I age. I feel the imagery and relationship of the butterfly and the rose will forever captivate … put simply, they belong together! Please know that your continual support and kind-hearted words greatly encourage me. Happy spring greetings, Deborah.

  8. Well, I’ll be Deborah, this is so beautiful and lovely and wondrous and evocative and brilliant and glorious – a dance in intimate Nature. Thank you so much – I don’t know how you do it but you weave magic with your words. And the photograph is beautiful …

    1. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this one Susan, thank you so much for your truly wonderful comment! This poem was a pure joy to write, and remains one of my all-time favourites … I was divinely inspired I hasten to add! Hope your weekend’s going well and that you’re enjoying all the wedding preparations. How exciting! I love the images too, sooo beautiful. Bright spring greetings, Deborah.

  9. From start to finish this is one of your most visual poems Deborah. Beguiling woven words. An impressive and beautiful poem. Yet again, I doff my cap to you dear poetess! You take us straight to the heart of tantric sex as we bliss out on ecstatic love. Can love be spiritual and sexual at the same time? Yes, when penned by Deborah, who writes with her pen firmly strapped to thigh and one foot placed in each world.

    1. Picasso, you are always so generous and I thank you for that! I love that word ‘beguiling’ and am ‘blissed out’ on your poetic allusion to tantric sex. Aha! I see you recall my ‘surface’ poem. Wow! That’s such a huge compliment to be remembered like that. Spiritual sex is, beautiful beyond words … one foot in each world most definitely needed. Have a great weekend! Thank you for another of your starry visits, Deborah.

  10. Deborah, this is one of my favourite poems in your whole book.
    It’s simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I feel swept away by its romance and graceful storytelling. Every line is seamless…..In fact I wish this one would go on forever…well, a bit longer.
    Beautiful and sexy!! If your poem were a dress, it would be a long, sexy, silky.. classy number…with butterfly wings attached I’ve decided!!
    I love the way the butterfly and flower speak to each other, “The flower spoke” “The butterfly replied”….great writing technique there. It holds interest so well!!
    The b&w picture you’ve used above to explain your poem is excellent.
    I don’t have any tattoos but seriously if I ever did, I think a butterfly landing on a rose would be the one for me.
    The butterfly and rose belong together..middling March? Is this when you “lovebirds” met? ?
    Your first rose of spring. Ooooh I’m going all soppy and romantic now!!!
    Have a good weekend, keep writing ’em…..looking forward to reading more!!

    1. Thank you so much Claire for your truly beautiful comment, much appreciated. ‘A long, sexy, silky dress’ … with wings. Oh my goddess, I love your artistic imagination! In that case make mine a long pale, shimmering turquoise one, paired with stylish silver wings.

      When I was looking for an image for this poem I was amazed at the stunning tattoos of the scene I had painted with words. I’ve never seen anyone with this tattoo and didn’t realise how amazingly popular it was. An exquisite integration of two divinely feminine, archetypal images.

      Yes, we first met in middling March twelve years ago! The butterfly and the rose belong together, ah! this is true, and so the story and dance of delightful words continue. Writing love poetry is pure bliss and works as a great creative balance for the times when I write darker poetry. Blessings always, Deborah.

      1. It’s great to see you lovebirds still crazy in love!!!
        Spring blooms of happiness to you both..
        Lol! I’m off to Google now to find me a tattoo!!

        1. Ha-ha! You do make me laugh! Don’t forget … ‘Poets love birds.’ Many thanks, I hope your new poem’s going well! It’s absolutely gorgeous here. I’ll be pulling on my walking boots soon, off for a long one hopefully before the rain starts! The first days of spring are beautiful, oh how the heart awakens! 🙂

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