Dear Poet

Dear Poet

Yours is the voice on the wind
that travels deep within
the chambers of my heart.
Big round sounds of love,
in poetic silver delight,
move your shepherd’s flute.
Like an opening moonflower
I watch you dear poet,
cast out your infused verses,
scent and sensuality far and wide.
Bathed in the clearest light,
I drink in love shaped notes.

Beautiful, timeless words
that not only slow me down,
they draw me in,
like the Great Mother
with her creative mysteries
and natural rhythms.
I leave Chronos time,
enter the realm of Kairos
where the poet knows well
how the outer world
seduces with all its promises,
holding back the heart’s song.

Yours are the hymns of Sophia,
whispering ethereal grace.
In so few words and with
pervading courage to be real,
you flood the goddesses’ heart,
speaking directly to the soul.
I weep to meet your muse,
to witness the love
of long years of relationship,
what you both create
and how close you stay together
all through life’s battles.

In the gathering of such inner gold,
know this dear poet,
your lyrics shall go with me
all the days of my life.
They enrich me in ways
for which I lack all words,
beautiful and divine,
the deepest language I know.
For without poetry
life befalls a flat tune,
so wave your flute up high,
come fill our skies with song.


Dedicated to all Poets and Writers
Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2016

30 thoughts on “Dear Poet

  1. I was with you in the opening on a moonflower–the pungent swirl unfurling in evening light–and I stayed. Then you describe the slowing of time in a way that comes with poetry, slow reading for deep understanding, meditation, just holding still and listening. Watching a moonflower open or a newly hatched butterfly open its wings.

    My blog post called “Poems to Grieve By” has remained my most popular post for a few years. We need poetry to express the ineffable from love to loss. I need to write Poems to Grieve By, Part 2.

    The last four lines are spectacular. Yes, Deborah, you definitely take us with you to the Land of Kairos. Thank you for letting me tag along.

    1. I love your beautiful, poetic reply Elaine! I will never forget the first time I witnessed a true moonflower opening. I call her my midnight miracle, she was beyond beautiful. For me, poetry unwraps itself in my heart in much the same way, casting out ‘pungent swirls in evening light … ah! now there’s true poetry! And oh my goddess, how the image of a newly hatched butterfly fires my poetry mind!

      Me, I could eat poetry and words all day long, especially when out walking and inhaling the beauty and magnificence of the beautiful (inner and outer) earths that surround and inhabit us. Exquisitely you describe so well how poetry expresses ‘the ineffable from love to loss.’ Allow me to doff my cap to you dear poetessa and thank you ceremonially!

      I’m not surprised in the least that your wonderful post ‘Poems to Grieve By’ is so popular … as this, I realise is also my most-read poem to date. People love/need/crave poetry! I feel deeply honoured that so many poets and writers have left me the gift and beauty of their words. Typing and weeping now with happiness! Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

    1. That’s so very kind of you, thank you Thabo. It was a joy to write, and a long time coming! A warm welcome to my poetry blog. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  2. you are very inspiring deborah. this is so beautiful I felt like I was reading through my heart. happy friday! suzie x

    1. Thank you for such beautiful, expressive feedback Suzie! I’m so happy you enjoyed my tribute poem to all poets and writers. A warm welcome to my poetry blog, have a great weekend too! Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

      1. yesterday I read “poetry is plucking at the heartstrings and making music with them.” deborah I can’t find your book on suzie x

  3. Hello Deborah, please add my voice to the praise of this poem. The imagery and the mood is great. It is a very rich read, every line is wonderful. I enjoyed meandering with the images – you have a way with words as this one sings loudly to all poets. I thought you might like to read a short poem by Charles Ghigna.

    What’s A Poem?

    A whisper,
    a shout,
    thoughts turned
    inside out.

    A laugh,
    a sigh,
    an echo
    passing by.

    A rhythm,
    a rhyme,
    a moment
    caught in time.

    A moon,
    a star,
    a glimpse
    of who you are.

    — Charles Ghigna

    1. Wow, that’s an amazing poem! True poetry, beautiful wordsmith-ery. The last stanza is outstanding, and what fantastic finishing lines! I’ve never come across either the poem or the poet before so thank you for not only for gifting me generous feedback but also for posting this poem. That’s so kind-hearted of you.

      Your name is deeply mysterious! I’m intrigued if we know each other from another forum? I’m so pleased you enjoyed my tribute poem, it was pure joy to write. A warm welcome to my blog. If you write online do let me know where I can find you! Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

      1. We only met yesterday. I believe poets are intricately connected to one another. We interact and mutually influence each other’s transformation. Yours is the kind of writing that keeps me interested in poetry.

        1. Thank you so much! It’s simply wonderful to meet another poet on life’s open road. I agree, there’s a familiarity, like a fluency between all kinds of writers. I call it my heart song … for many a poet/writer has put me under their word/muse spell, that’s for sure! I hope the day finds you well. Happy writing dear poet.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for your wonderful words, I’m delighted that you enjoyed my tribute poem. Throughout my life I’ve been deeply inspired by many brilliant poets and writers. A warm welcome to my poetry blog. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  4. you conjure magic
    that strikes deep at my heart
    expressing my inexpressible longing
    for such depths and heights
    with such beauty and pathos

    thank you Deborah .. as always .. for your poet’s soul

    1. Your wonderful response comes in the reply of a poem itself! Thank you so much Susan for your beautiful gift of words. As a Jungian-loving poet, learning to hold the tension of the opposites within my work (and myself) is essential. One day I write sorrowful verse, the next I write about joy … and when I integrate both I know I am healing myself. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  5. You are indeed a rare bloom. This is a great essentially Deborah style poem, written in the reflective, emotional, loving way that you do. An outstanding homage to all poets and poetry, uniquely so. Thank you for sharing it with us. That’s a perfect photo for the poem with you looking out, and the reader looking in. All the best, Liz.

    1. Wow! ‘A Deborah style’ … no one has ever said that before. Oh my goddess! I’m over the moon with happiness, thank you so very much Liz! Re: photo. You’ve just reminded me that many years ago whilst reading Virginia Woolf I came across her considerations on the two acts of ‘looking out’ and ‘looking in’ and for me this is what (I think) the poet does. For while sitting atop that mountain as far as I was looking out at the view before me, at the very same time I found myself looking within and so I chose this photo to represent the poet … because this is what we do I believe. VW was a huge inspiration, I need to get back to her once I’ve finished with those Brothers Karamazov! Bright spring wishes, Deborah

  6. I enjoy poems with a softer touch.

    Only someone who loves poetry very deeply could know so much about it. I can really feel the love in your words. Your work is beautiful. I’ll keep reading, if you keep writing.

    1. Tis true I absolutely love poetry! Thank you so much soulcatcher for your visit and wonderful comments today, truly appreciated. The poet’s heart is deep, never hollow … always so much going on within. I’ve posted up several categories (under Archives) there’s one exclusively for love poetry, and another for soul poetry when you find the time to read more. Bright spring blessings, Deborah.

  7. Such a beautiful tribute to poets and writers everywhere, your deep love of nature and connection to mother earth shines through your words. I notice the picture has been taken in one of my favourite areas of the North Lakes – that view confirms that heaven is indeed a place on earth for me too! Deborah you were born to be a poet – your use of words leaves me in awe with every poem you post….your lyrics do indeed go with me, especially when I am out, enriching my walks in nature.

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your beautiful, kind-hearted reply. You’re right this photograph was indeed taken up in the North Lakes, well spotted! We parked up by the edge of Buttermere, and walked up to Haystacks from the lakeside car park. Another year we walked across from Honister Slate Mine. The views up there are just phenomenal!

      At the summit of Haystacks just below the top there’s this beautiful pool called Innominate Tarn. Apparently the name ‘Innominate’ means ‘without a name’ … aha, I thought there’s another poem just waiting to be written! Tis true, my love of nature has deepened and grown over the years, most especially since reaching middle age. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

  8. Deborah, this is a BEAUTIFUL tribute for all poets and writers out there!!!
    Not only new verse but verse that opens up your “Dear Poet” expression perfectly.
    As always there are many great lines particularly your opening ones..
    “Yours is the voice on the wind
    that travels deep within
    the chambers of my heart.”
    Unforgettable as you describe how the poet and poetry gets you on the inside.
    I’m imagining your shepherd herding hearts and souls through valleys,
    over hills, where animals do stand and listen to the poet.
    Fantastic picture of you there looking out on the spectacular view!!
    Can I ask where is this taken please, what part of the country? ?
    I cannot imagine a world without poetry either, “a flat tune” is spot on.
    Just a thought…..the poet is a Pied Piper of hearts!!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

    1. Oh I love how you imagine there is a shepherd hidden within my picture Claire! Herding hearts and souls … just run with that and the idea of your pied piper and before you know it you’ll be writing a new poem yourself! In fact … you’re already halfway there dear poet!

      This picture was taken in the beautiful English Lake District en route to the summit of Haystacks, one of Wainwrights’ favourite walks. Below you can see Buttermere (lake) and in the far distance you can see Crummock Water. I sat and scribbled out a poem just where you see me sitting on that magnificent summer’s day. An incredible view!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful reply and constant support, truly appreciated. Ha-ha! It’s true I love that expression ‘dear poet’ and have been wanting to write this tribute poem to poets forever as I’m divinely inspired by poetry. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

      1. Many thanks for your encouragement Deborah!!!
        Your comment to Picasso reminds me of Nicolas Cage playing an angel, can’t remember the film title..instead of angels sitting on mountain peaks, you say there are poets!! Only a poet would say such things.
        I’ve fallen in love with the Lakes!!!
        Who could not be inspired to write in such a place.
        Thank you, Claire.

        1. ‘City of Angels’ is the movie, I think. Whatever you’re up to have a wonderful weekend. We’re just leaving for a long bike ride through the countryside … hoping the wind speed stays low, have fun! Deborah.

  9. spoken like a prophet/your voice is heard
    stand-up on the mountain/shaking out words
    turn up the microphone/take that applause
    deborah your my poet/just because

    1. Seriously impressive! How cool are you?! I’m totally lost for words. Ha-ha! Grinning like a Cheshire cat tho’ … wow, thank you so much dear poet! If I wasn’t cooking at the minute I’d sit down and write you one back.

  10. I salute you dear Deborah! You write for the poets, you write for those who write. It’s an honour to listen to your heart song. I enjoyed leaving Chronos and entering the magical realm of Kairos. Excellent work dear poet! Gorgeously penned, you quite literally take my breath away.

    1. Oh my goddess thank you so much Picasso! You know, I imagine us all up there on the mountain peaks sitting with our notebooks and pens scribbling away. Is not Heaven, a place called Earth?! If you look carefully enough I’m sure you’ll see many a poet up there with me, sitting yonder. Much love dear poet, blessed be.

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