Beautiful Dreamers

Beautiful Dreamers

“I tell you, someone will remember us,
even in another time.”  ~  Sappho

And while the beautiful dreamers slept
Artemis rode her chariot into their dreams,
shooting arrows of silver moonlight
through the silken veil of night
as she lured Earth and Sky
to hunt once more. Aroused
under sparkling star-stretched light,
they spiralled into ocean blue.

Where Artemis lowered the moon,
that silent centrepiece, and spied on
each dreamer as they gave chase
to the memory of other waves.
Shamelessly Sky pulled Earth
to silky sands where silver tongues
fell, kissing until the light of heaven
shone, softening each dreamer’s eye.

Shimmering Sky put on her halo
as Earth, fierce as a summer storm,
revealed each scented breast.
The Goddess ached then, stroking
her own jewelled heart as she
re-traced the language of stars
stored deep within Sky’s slow hands.
And when their hips touched

Artemis wept in a melody
so softly strung and wet,
that starfish leapt into her lap.
“You are art, raw and tender,”
cried Earth, bound to her lover’s
soul. Sheltering Sky arched,
safe inside her lover’s thighs,
“We are of one heart,” she echoed.

And while the beautiful dreamers
spilt light and perfume under
the glow of a thousand moons,
glittering smiles of remembrance
swept across the fire of time.
Swift and straight as an arrow
the Goddess turned her chariot
to the heart of three belted stars.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2014

18 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreamers

  1. What a beautifully penned and uncompromising walk on the wild side. The magnetic pull of your words was mesmerising and I fell straight into the bottomless pit of the Unknown. It was magical and liberating and I thank you for placing these words together in order to form the vision that was in your heart.

    Love the photos too. Xxx

    1. Thank you so much Bathsheba for your truly wonderful comment, much appreciated. Many years ago I read an incredible poem by Carol Ann Duffy that lingers even today in my mind … of how when we sleep at night, in the corners of our bedroom two children also sleep, one for each partner and how those children are related too has a huge impact on our lives … like a dream, it lingers. xxx

  2. Your poem makes my heart ache for and with love, Deborah. You take me to the place where heavenly bodies are at play. Your Artemis adds a new layer to my view of Her. I’ve been studying Her with my mythology class the last few months. We paint, do collages, dance, and sing, as well as study each myth in original texts and in Jungian ones. We studied Artemis about twenty years ago, but my perspective has changed since then. She speaks to me in a new voice.
    I’ve loved reading many versions of Her story, but most recently in Nor Hall’s The Moon and The Virgin. Now that I’m a Crone, Artemis guides me in solitude and Nature. She teaches me how to care for and protect myself, especially against the aggressive negative animus. I still need her lessons. Maybe I always well.
    With gratitude for your wise words and kind heart,

    1. Thank you so much Elaine for your wonderful, generous response to my poem. A gift of words that means so much to me. Your mythology class sounds incredible! I would love to learn all about the gods and goddesses with others. In my area we don’t have, as of yet, any classes on those classical themes, I would love to join one … hmm, perhaps I’ll have to start one and take it from there as I often hear the ancient ones calling.

      I shall look out for ‘The Moon and the Virgin’ (great title!) as I find personal recommendations best. In my poem I wanted the goddess Artemis to be reunited to her lover Orion, even in death. Therefore as she spies on the beautiful dreamers making love, aroused and inflamed she then turns her chariot towards the night skies, towards the heart of Orion’s three belted stars. Oh my goddess I love the myths and wanted to pay reverence to those other, beautiful lovers. Blessings, Deborah.

  3. Such beautiful words of love expressed so eloquently. I just love the use of the myths to illustrate the love, passion and desire that you have for your partner as well as your use of all of the elements of earth, air, fire, water and of course the spirit of your love. The imagery that your words evoke is filled with vivid romance which cannot fail to strike a chord in every readers heart. Superbly written Deborah!!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Sophia for your truly wonderful gift of words here, I’m truly, deeply humbled. It was such a deep joy to write this poem whilst on my honeymoon, atop the most beautiful of mountains with views to inspire all poets.

      I’m so pleased that so many readers have been able to read this poem on the many different levels on which it was originally written … I have always been divinely inspired by the myths, most especially the goddesses. Blessings.

    1. Oh my goddess, three magical M’s! Thank you so much Taruna for your loveliest of comments … tis the mystery and magic of magnificent mythology … I am divinely inspired.

  4. I love how you brought in the stars, skies, and moon into this beautifully written piece. What a gorgeous way to express love, affection, and connection. Beautifully written, Deborah!

    1. I am divinely inspired by the ancient myths, magical moon and the deeper mysteries of life, especially love. Thank you so much Lily for your continual support and wonderful encouragement of my poetry. Blessings, Deborah.

  5. This is achingly beautiful, Deborah. I love how it evokes all the senses and the way they make us aware of what Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman calls “the eroticization of all of life.” Just being alive, aware of our bodies that move and feel, reveling in Artemis’s wondrous wilderness, enjoying the miracle of this chaotic, mysterious gift…this is what our souls are meant to do. Every moment. Every day. I believe this is one way we participate in eternity while still here on earth. You’ve captured this perfectly in this poem.


    1. ‘The eroticization of all of life’ … Oh Jeanie I absolutely love this expression and find myself, here in this moment, resonating deeply with Marion’s rich words. Thank you so much for gifting them and for your great comment. Your reply, as often is the case, comes to me in the form of poetry itself … ‘revelling in Artemis’s wilderness’ Ah! What beautiful abandon, divinely penned. I see that the fruitfulness of the poet flows steadily through your hands, it is what makes your writing so wholly engaging.

      ‘We participate in eternity while still here on earth’ … wow, that was awe-inspiring! Breath-takingly so! In often travelling to the realm of the ancient goddesses to seek my Muse, I feel certain that the goddess Calliope is with you this week … why? Because your muse dear lady, well she’s on FIRE! Blessings always, Deborah.

  6. Ah, Deborah, you take us on the cosmic journey, the ground falls away and all becomes possible again. Eyes close, breath comes and we are free. Love becomes the heart of three belted stars. Your vision is clear and elegant, you provide the words of wisdom and dreams. Superb poetry, my friend.

    1. Oh what a true delight it is to read your beautiful, shamanic words Steve! Thank you so much dear poet for such a wonderful, generous gift today. ‘The ground falls away’ … I love that. So true as we transcend these our mortal lives to momentarily embrace the cosmos. At night it is to Orion that I first look in order to navigate the stars and find my way. Love and light, Deborah.

  7. Dear Deborah, your poetry is so wonderfully multi-faceted. This poem with its cosmic imagery and archetypal goddesses took me on a delightful, fantasy-filled, romantic journey. One thing that struck me – as with your poem “Walking with the Wind” – was the amazing sense of flow and movement created by your skillful choice of wording, which parallels and further engenders a sense of journey and passion. I loved this poem because it challenges my rational mind (!), obliging me to shift my focus to my intuition and creativity. What a relief and joy to spend some moments in a “trans-rational” realm. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

    1. Oh Sam, thank you so much for your amazing comment, your beautiful, kind-hearted words mean so much to me! I think you may enjoy reading my reply to Claire in regards to the greater romance of ‘Earth’ and ‘Sky’ as not only did they resemble our wedding gowns they reveal our natures too … and with perception after the fact, I realise unconsciously (in Jungian terms) our coming together helps us both to learn to ‘hold the tension of the opposites’ even more … if that makes much sense.

      I love the fact that your rational mind was challenged and you were open to this happening by allowing yourself to drift away into the fantasy-filled romance of this love poem. The dance of intuition, imagination and creativity is such a beautiful one. Blessings always, Deborah.

  8. A beautiful poem Deborah.. one for all the lovers, (oooh I feel a song comin’ on now!) mortal and goddesses alike!! Of course I love your joined photos!…. these must be your school photos?
    I have read this poem many times from my copy of your book. It’s wonderful to catch a preview of the “young” dreamers. I have to say you both look adorable!!! Can I ask how old you are? the pictures.
    Thank you for sharing your old photos, at the “other” place I’m thinking how different our poems would have looked with pictures?!! lol, some hundred of more views.
    Please know you are encouraging me to read more. I’m finding new myths everyday….off to google Artemis and Orion..

    1. Great, now I’ve got Kylie’s song … ‘All the Lovers’ going round my head on a musical loop! Many thanks Claire for your truly wonderful comment, thought you’d enjoy ‘seeing’ us as young children. In the pictures I’m almost five, and she is around seven years of age. Perfect! Yes, both are school photos indeed.

      Oh my goddess I love the story of Artemis and Orion and have always wanted, through poetry, to help them find a way back to each other. I was blessed to discover stories at a young age and since listening to my first fairy tale, I have remained spell-bound by them ever since. Oh the magic of the myths (and Marie-Louise Von Franz!).

      I absolutely loved writing this poem. It is very much treasured as I wrote it whilst on my honeymoon, sitting atop a mountain, with spectacular lake views and twenty other peaks within my vision. Days before, I had dressed in gowns of shimmering sky-blues, and she in rich golden-browns as we exchanged our wedding vows. Many thanks, Deborah.

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