Poetry of the Year - April

Let us open wide our window,
lean forward into life
and listen closely
to the sweet song of birds
as they join the dawn chorus.
Listen to the spring cymbal
being struck, aloud,
as the life-giving sap rises.

Walk awhile with Aphrodite
(be still oh heart of mine!)
and her green flirtatious eyes
that beckon us to burst
into flower and song.
Follow the silvery sound
of the cuckoo’s return,
echoing throughout the land.

Welcome each April shower
as a bright opportunity
to quench deep-rooted thirst,
whilst woodland fairies
poke out dry green tongues.
As Aphrodite mourns her love,
starflowers appear on earth,
adorning the woods with light.

Let us hop, skip and jump
with our inner child
in the playing field of spring,
exploring new worlds
in this season of birth.
As we turn towards the sun
so do the flowers, and
paths become a lover’s lane.

Copyright © Deborah Gregory 2019

16 thoughts on “April

  1. A beautiful poem that embraces all the joy and wonder that heralds the new beginnings of Spring. The birdsong is what I love – the dawn chorus has been building every morning here, calling out to my inner child to go out into nature and soak up all of that glorious energy… and I have! Exploring some local ancient woodland late afternoon yesterday, surrounded by starflowers (or Aphrodite’s tears) listening to all of the birdsong and suddenly right at the end of the walk an owl (tawny I think) joined in – it was truly magical…all that was needed was a sighting of those woodland faeries and their green tongues!!

    Reading your poem today took me straight back into my woodland walk so thank you Deborah – wishing you a happy April! Sophia

    1. Thank you so much Sophia for your beautiful reply! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my April poem. Yes, the birdsong is magical and the crescendo is now building up in volume and harmony each morning! I like to imagine starflowers carpeting the whole of the northern hemisphere at this time, let alone our own local woodlands. Truly a magical time indeed!

      On the subject of the little people (fairies), my favourite painting of them is by Edward Robert Hughes titled “Midsummer Eve” c.1908 which greatly evokes Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’m sure you must’ve of already seen it, if not here’s a link: https://www.aaronartprints.org/hughes-midsummereve.php

      What a great ending in the woods, that an owl joined in! Usually we only hear them just as the dusk chorus is coming to an end. Occasionally they fly over the garden too, a rare treat! April blessings to you. Love and light, Deborah

      1. Thank you for reminding me of this painting – I remember it from my youth when faery posters were all the rage – I had one myself on my wall but I can’t remember the title. Ahh memories of my childhood – much like April which evokes the spirit of youth.

        1. I do remember those fairy posters in the shops but never had one myself. Yes, April certainly evokes the “spirit of youth”.

  2. I look forward to your monthly poems, Deborah. Thank you for sending heart-opening gifts for this nature mystic. The photo is beautiful and enticing. It’s -2 Celsius here this morning, so windows are closed, but they’ll be open soon. A few warm evenings I stood on the front porch and listened to bird song and calls. The amazing thing, as you know, is I can hear them. It’s the springtime and rebirth of sound for me after implant surgery. The earth sings again.

    As you walk with Aphrodite, I walk with the Green Man. (Does the poem refer to Adonis as Aphrodite’s lover? I know she and he are associated with Anemone, so I searched and found Anemone is also called starflower. A-ha!) Even in a cold spring, snowdrops blossom, mosses green, and leaves and shoots rise out of the mud. They can’t help themselves. I cherish each green shoot and each warm ray of sun. I cherish your poems.

    1. My dear friend, you are such a joy to me! Thank you so much for your generous and kind-hearted words. The thought of you hearing the birds (and the earth) sing is truly breaking my heart wide open as I type in tears at such wonderful news! Oh what joy, what joy! The photo is great, and greater still is being married to the photographer, the poet’s wife! Brrr, minus 2, that’s freezing!

      Oh yes (be still oh heart of mine!) I’m referring to Adonis as her lover! I only discovered this myth a few days ago when reading all about starflowers (otherwise known as wind-flowers or anemones). I’m hoping that the Goddess and the Green Man will be putting in an appearance next month! If not, I shall be having a word with my muse! I cherish your words always. Love and light, Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful reply Aladin and for sharing my poem on FB! I love it when you visit! Yes, there’s something special to behold at the start of each month. Love and light, Deborah.

  3. Deborah, I’m loving your poetry of the year series – be still oh Heart of mine! Love the image of your woodland fairies poking out their dry green tongues – a million bluebells that are presently pushing themselves up! Yeah, I’m inspired for the day and heading out to the woods with pen and notebook. HF

    1. Oh Henry you’re always so kind, thank you so much! Ha-ha! Yes, the fairies … well I was sitting there in the middle of the woods scribbling away when I noticed all these dry green tongues poking out … and the rest as we say, became poetry!

      Enjoy your day out, I’m envious and turning green (and poking out my tongue!) as we speak! Love and light, Deborah.

  4. The photograph is so beautiful – stars indeed upon the earth, from the sky to the ground! Thank you Deborah, this is a wonderful way to start my day. I feel the energy of the rising of the life-giving sap and hear your cymbal and its loud clap heralding all that is new and noble in your poetic words. May you have a wonderful April 🙂 Love, Susan

    1. Oh the joys of being married to a photographer! Thank you so much Susan for your most lovely reply to my latest poem. The photograph was taken this weekend on a lovely walk through ancient woodlands … still, I did post my own on Instagram which isn’t too bad!

      Yes, the spring cymbal (autumn with you!) has been clapped aloud and the season has well and truly turned now. As always, I’m looking forward to following your “Freedom” month on the A-to-Z Challenge … I’m so pleased you changed your mind! Love and light, Deborah.

  5. I did not know the story of Aphrodite and starflowers until I read your poem. Beautifully penned!! The sun is out here and the sky is blue what a beautiful start to April. All the best, Anna.

    1. Thank you so much Anna for your beautiful comment! I only learnt of this myth myself in the last few days while writing this poem … according to myth, the goddess Aphrodite wept tears of sorrow at the death of her handsome lover, Adonis. Where her tears fell to the earth, starflowers sprang up! Love and light, Deborah.

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