A Short Note: Book News!

Dear Poets and Dreamers,

Greetings from the rabbit hole! Just to let you know that I’ve re-uploaded my poetry collections to Blurb using their new software following a recent discovery that ‘trade books’ (known in the print world as text heavy books, i.e., novels, poetry, non-fiction, etc.) created by Blurb’s older software, Booksmart, were costing £18.99 for postage alone from the US to the UK.

Hmm, far too expensive I thought! So last week I downloaded Blurb’s newest software, Bookwright, and imported my first and second books over. The proof copies of each arrived today and thankfully both books are identical to their previous incarnations. Hopefully this all makes sense. Suffice to say that it’s been a challenging week, as book design is not my strong suit! 

However, by changing the software from Booksmart to Bookwright, Blurb’s shipping costs are considerably lower. Although when placing an order do look out for discount codes (especially Black Friday week!) on the Blurb website. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I’ve removed the black photo borders from my first book cover which dated the book I felt – so same design, no borders. Here’s the links:

A Liberated Sheep in a Post Shepherd World by Deborah Gregory | Blurb Books UK 

The Shepherd’s Daughter by Deborah Gregory | Blurb Books UK

In other news, I’ve also received the first proof copy of “Soror Mystica: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine” which I’m slowly working through, mainly fixing typos and finessing that all-important cover design. As soon as I’ve finished editing and checking through a second proof copy (if needed), my book will hopefully be published early next year.

Blessings always,


PS. As this is just a short note and not poetry, I’ve switched the commenting option off for this post. Okay, back to editing I must go! My next post will hopefully be scheduled for Soror Mystica’s publication day! ♥♥