Poetry of the Tarot: The Lovers

The Lovers

Royal marriage of the alchemist,
where Sol and Luna congregate
to say, “I do” on Life’s open road.
A blending between these deities
creates blissful union and depth
for this poet and inspiring muse.
A journeying towards the soul’s
wise counsel and integrated life.

Through celestial, mercurial air,
conducted by the angel Raphael,
each vow of love rides the wind
as the newlyweds ascend as one.
For only within the relationship
will spirit’s symmetry be found.
She who desires soul excellence.
He who yearns soul completion.

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Poetry of the Tarot: The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Look into the mirror of your soul,
come see yourself, just as you are!
For the hierophantic spark within
excites us to know ourselves well,
to discover our spiritual heritage,
finally become a magician of sorts.
Jupiter, King of the Gods and Sky,
heavenly witness to solemn oaths.

Inside our dreams the hierophant,
that heavenly channel of wisdom,
papal guide, takes us by the hand
guiding us to our spiritual wealth.
Where intersected keys are raised
to discharge each slumbering soul.
He who avows his quest for Truth.
He who recognises he is not Truth.

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Poetry of the Tarot: The Emperor

The Emperor

In golden crown and white beard
the Emperor sits upon his throne.
In his right hand the crown of life,
in his left he decrees self-mastery.
All father, he governs and guards,
ruling with rock hard domination.
Yet we kneel with solemn thanks,
for only the Immortals rest above.

As a sound, long-standing leader
he valiantly creates eternal worth,
showing the poet how to achieve
true individuality in the universe.
Willing to lead rather than follow,
the poet writes with new purpose.
He who has been there, done that.
He who wears armour to prove it.

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Poetry of the Tarot: The Empress

The Empress

Queen of Earth, sister of Heaven,
most peaceful, abundant Venus.
Each star upon her golden crown
merges her to the spiritual realm,
where her name is seen as desire,
flying on love, enclosed in wings.
A full and fruitful Earth Mother
who bids the poet her open arms.

Deeply female she loves to create,
bringing forth her ideas with joy.
Imagination, labours of true-love,
sit high upon her romantic heart,
where word-dreams come to life
and pulse within the poet’s yield.
She who is liberal with emotions.
She who affirms loving kindness.

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