Poetry of the Tarot: The High Priestess

The High Priestess

Most sacred daughter of the Soul,
queen of the stars and high Eden,
she who tends the gate to eternity.
Deeply natural, the High Priestess
alone wears Hekate’s triple crown
and peacefulness upon her heart.
Under her left foot, waxing moon,
on her lap the noblest of all books.

Here we take an esoteric journey.
For after enchantment, only truth
will decide whether the poet gets
entry to pass by the guarded veil,
into the mystical goddess temple,
where dark foresights lay hidden.
She who surrenders to be herself.
She who meets with fate to serve.

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Poetry of the Tarot: The Magician

The Magician

As the poet takes her balcony seat
to see the greatest show on Earth,
the magician takes shape on stage.
Their eyes meet at the mystic table,
where each suit of divination lays
within mind, body, spirit and soul.
Merlin stands alone in white robe,
red cloaked before the table of life.

She watches him as his right hand
holds a wand raised heaven-high,
while his left hand points to earth.
“As above, so below!” he declares,
as grace, virtue and light descend,
transforming midnight into dawn.
He who quests to perfect his craft.
He who seeks spiritual excellence.

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Poetry of the Tarot: The Fool

The Fool

The poet reflects on the cliff’s edge
with a pure, inspiring naturalness,
her greatest journey about to begin.
In her left hand a single white rose,
granting her virtue, purity of soul.
Knowing she is protected by love,
she holds softly the faith of a child,
hearing not the whispers of others.

The artist who plays the wild card,
in search of liberty, love and truth.
She who steps out of the shadows,
her spirit in pursuit of open spaces,
spellbound by the sacred feminine,
a blank scroll of infinite possibility.
She who wanders in peace not fear.
She who leaves the past behind her.

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